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Oct 17, 2005
Washington, GA
My name is Amy  and my DH, Tommy and I purchased our 2nd TT in June.  We have camped a few times this summer at a campground nearby. We have 2 DSs 14 & 12.  We will be using our unit to travel to steer shows and weekends.  Our state steer show was a couple of weeks ago and we traveled 3 hrs with our TT and really had a great time.  As you all can attest to, it was nice being in your own "home away from  home" as opposed to a motel.
This trailer is a JayFeather 25Z.  Is anyone familiar with this model/manufacturer?  If so, do you have any pros/cons you would like to share?  Any advice on RVing would be greatly appreciated.  We would like to use it year round for weekends if possible.  Anyone have any favorite camping areas, sites in our area?  (We are 100 miles due East of Atlanta.)
Amy  and Tommy,

Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on the new trailer.  I am sure you will enjoy some really great travel in it.  Please as any questions you might have, join in any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Glad you found us.
Amy & Tommy, let me add my welcome to Ron's.
Hi Amy & Tommy,
Come on down to Amy's RV Park in Tifton, GA anytime during Nov 1-6 and meet several of the RV Forum folks. If you can't stay the whole time, just spend a weekend.  You can have a good time, meet some nice folks AND get plenty of RVing advice in the bargain.

For more info see http://www.rvforum.net/SMF_forum/index.php?topic=1064.0
Hello AMy and Tom-- Rented a small place in Washington While serving at Camp Gordon during the Eisenhower administration. Odd how you completely forget about the town until someone posts it and then your memory brings it all back.  Still have a bracelet made from a small piece of the plan that crashed so many years ago at Memorial I believe.  Mind does play tricks after some 50 yrs. Good luck to you motoring
I always think it is interesting to find someone who is familiar with our historic little town. Was the plane crash you mentioned a forestry plane by chance? 

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