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Jun 2, 2019
Hello All! My husband and I are weekend campers. We started with our first motorhome 4 years ago and are going to pick up our 3rd motorhome this Friday and are super excited. We went from a 1973 class c Winnebago to a 1991 class a National RV Tropical to our beautiful 2018 class c Coachman Freelander 21QB. I'm looking forward to all the great information from this forum.
Welcome to the RV Forum RvChristy

Those are some nice upgrades. Sounds like you and your husband are hooked ;)
We're headed your way for a week at the end of July for a family reunion, staying the  SLC KOA. 

Where all do you go camping for the weekends?
We love to go fishing in our float tubes. There are so many lakes and reservoirs here to camp. We prefer small lakes where motorized boats are not allowed. Probably my favorite place is up in the Uintahs off Mirror Lake Highway.
I LOVE small lakes with no motor boats! I say I kayak, but what I do is much closer to floating on water in a kayak than it is "kayaking" the way most people think.
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