Hello,I am from China.

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Aug 23, 2006
Hello,I am from China.? I am interested in RV.

Welcome to RVForum.net, woshishui.  Please ask any questions you may have and join in any other message threads that you find interesting.

Are there many Rvs in China?
My daughter is not RVing, but she is going to be leaving for Xian, China on Friday to teach for a year.  I envy her adventure.
Would love to hear the perspective on RVing from the Gentleman freom China.  Also ask Gary asked, How much RVing is done in China?  Welcome to the forum..  You ask the qujestions and these gents and ladies will definitely find an answer for you.
Welcome to the forum. Is there much RVing in China? It's a huge country...whereabouts are you?
Thanks very much! First I should tell you that my English is very poor.
RV is a new thing in China. There is not much Rving in China. I think there are some reasons. A lot of people do not hear of RV, and RV in China is expensive.

I am still a student.  When I graduate from school, I want to do it myself.  So I come here and learn something from you.

Thanks for your warm welcome!
Sure wouldn't worry about your English, It's fine.  I've been in this country over 72 years and can't speak or write it correctly as 'many of us can't.  Good luck on your venture.
Don't worry about your English, it's better than some American's :)  Ask your questions and by the time you're ready to get an RV and see the country (yours or ours  or any other one) you'll be well prepared for the adventure.
Thanks ,Shayne , Ned. Thank you for your encourage.
This RV forum is very good.Could you tell me some examples of RV conversions? Please give me photos or links .

I am in Hang zhou ,  Zhe jiang Province. Do you konw the beautiful West Lake?

It's midnight now in China. I should go to bed. Good night!

Oh no ,? good afternoon.
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