Hello, just getting started in the forum and interested in full timing

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Dec 3, 2005
My lady and I are 58 and getting close to retirement. We are taking a hard look at selling the house and full timing. My dad and his lady have been living this life style for about 12 years and love it. We have the same gypsy spirit and feel it's the right thing for us. We are motorcyclists and are planning on getting a toy hauler/5th wheel but don't know which make and model to purchase. Also having trouble figuring out what to pull it with.
We are open to all suggestions and appreciate all the help we can get.
Jeff and Pat
Hi Jeff and Pat, welcome to our forum. Sounds like you have an exciting change of lifestyle coming up.

I'll let our trailer experts talk about the toy hauler and tow vehicle. Hopefully someone will be along to asnwer your questions.
Hi Jeff & Pat,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find lots of info here. We have been full timing for 9 years and still enjoy it.

My first inclination on your toy hauler/5th wheel is it might not be adequate for full timing. I have never seen this combination so I really don't have a good idea how they are laid out. Remember you will have a pretty good sized payload with all the "stuff" you will put on board. You must not exceed the GVWR of the coach which includes all your stuff, water, propane, toys, etc. In most cases you do not need to fill your water tank except for enough to use when traveling down the road. The bikes probably weigh quite a bit so this will take away from what you have left.

Keep the questions coming and I'm sure someone will provide an answer.
Hi Jeff and Pat,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  The members here can provide a wealth of information.  Jim mentioned being cautious about exceeding the GVWR on any rig.  A toy hauler 5th wheel hauling two motorcycles along with other essentials for living would have to be pretty big and would weigh a lot probably requiring a Medium Duty Truck (MDT) to safely tow it.  While searching for just the right rig be sure to keep the weights in mind and what you will have to pull it.  Oh one other thing you can't believe much most saleman tell you about weight capacities, Or anything else for that matter, better to check these things out through other resources such as here on the forum.

Welcome to the RV Forum, Jeff and Pat.

I agree with Ron.  There are a number of full time capable 5ers on the market.  However, they are all big and heavy -- requirements dictated by the need build to withstand the rigors of full time living and haul all the stuff that fulltimers have to haul.  This without having to haul motorcycles around.  Frankly I have not seen any toyhaulers that I would consider a fulltimers' rig.  They may exist, but I have not seen them.

You are going to need a big truck to haul the thing.  Rather that mess around with a beefed up light truck like a pickup, you will be better off going to a medium duty truck.  One advantage of a MD truck is that you can specify a rig that has bike storage behind the cab and still have towing capacity for a decent fulltimers'  5er.

Start looking into medium duty trucks.    Pay close attention to tow ratings,  gross combined vehicle weight ratings, and payload capacity.
If you are satisfied with your bikes as your only means of transport, you should consider a motorhome and a trailer to carry the bikes. Actually, you could get a trailer large enough for a small car and the bikes if you wanted, but we are now talking a substantail (diesel powered) motorhome to handle a large and heavy trailer.

Like the others here have said, the toyhaulers I have seen are long on the toy aspect and short on living accomodations. That's fine for a weekend in the field, but living full time in an RV with minimal amenties can get old quickly.  However, different folks have different life style requirements and maybe you would do just fine in one of the larger toyhaulers.
Thank you all for your opening remarks and suggestions. We have already found that most salespersons will say anything to sell their rigs, and are being very careful with our selections. And I agree with you on GVWR, we are watching this area really close. We have both been "campers" in the past and have a pretty good idea of the equipment and supplies we will need.
Also, my father has been a fulltimer for about 13 years now, we are getting some good tips from him as well.
Again thank you so much for your responces, I can see already this is a great place for the help we will surely need.  :)
Again thank you so much for your responces, I can see already this is a great place for the help we will surely need. 

You are welcome.  We are always glad to help answer questions.  Please keep us updated on your search for your perfect RV.
Hi Jeff,

It sounds like you're on the right track.

>> you so much for your responces, I can see already this is a great place for the help we will surely need.<<

That's pretty much the reason we exist. :)
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