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Oct 13, 2012
Fair Oaks, California
Hello, just joined the forum. I just retired and I am trying to figure out what RV will work best for me and my wife. We have never owned an RV, but when the kids were small, we borrowed a tent trailer and took a 3 1/2 week vacation traveling from our home in San Jose to Prince Rupert in Canada. Traveled over 3,000 miles and visited Glacier National park, Baniff, Prince George, The Skenna River system, Vancouver Island and on and on. Was the best vacation ever and at that time we knew that traveling/camping was our gig.
Now it's time to buy a trailer. I have a 2005 F-250 Ford diesel long bed that should work for what we want. Has 130,000 miles and runs great. We were thinking about a trailer or 5th wheel and Money is an issue. We only have about 15,000 to spend. The other problem is were to store it and the cost involved with storage. We would probably use the trailer during the summer and several times in the winter when I go steelhead fishing.
I would love to hear some ideas on what to buy and storage costs.

Stan and Cindy from Fair Oaks, California
Storage is always a big issue.  I have heard of storage places from 30 to over two hundred dollars a month.  Instead you might consider a truck camper.  While your truck could not handle some of the really big ones out there today, it can still handle an 8 or 8-1/2 foot camper pretty easily.  Compact, maneuverable and will get you into places that larger trailers cannot go.
Steelhead means November thru April along places like the Eel and Russian Rivers, no?  This is not exactly a tropical paradise as I remember.  I would look for a unit with winter operation capabilities like a sealed undercarriage and dualpane windows.  -- See Northwood's Arctic Fox.  http://www.northwoodmfg.com/images/rsync/brochures/Arctic_Fox_Brochure.pdf 

Keep the size down, say 24-26 feet in a TT -- less volume to heat and size to maneuver in public campgrounds.  TT's have a better selection  in that size range than fivers.  Fives do better in the 30 foot and up range.

Storage in a place like Fair Oaks should not be much of an issue. I would look for a storage facility that has some minimal security provisions (fenced lot, lights, etc.).  Look around at storage companies and RV campgrounds with a storage yard.

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