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Apr 15, 2005
Howdy!  This is ol' parrothead from SE Kansas.  My first wife and I have a brand new 1978 Winnebago Chieftain clas A motorhome.  We really enjoy it always gives me something to do in my spare time, since something is always broken, etc.  :-\

I'm in need of a few odds and ends for it, so if someone is parting out one of these beauties, please let me know.
Welcome to our friendly forum. What kind of bits and pieces are you in need of?
Thanks!? Let' see... I would really like to install an awning and I need some drawers for the bathroom, but if I can't find good originals, I can make some.? I would like to replace the plastic refrigerator vent cover (on the roof) with an aluminum one.? It also looks like I'm going to need to replace the rooftop a/c unit.? Mine is a Coleman.? I also can't get my old Coleman furnace to light.  Other than that, i need a LH exhaust manifold and I would like to find a set of used aluminum valve covers (to stop the oil leaks).? I've already replaced the carpet, refrigerator and hot water heater.?
Do you know a way to make this 440 powered beast get better gas mileage?? :D
Welcome to the RV Forum.  We are glad you found us.  I'm sure someone will be able to give you some suggestions or possible sources where parts you are seeking can be found.

Thanks for joining us.

There are RV salvage yards all over the country; you might look there for parts.  We have some of them listed in our "Resources for Rvers" - see the www.rvforum.net main page and look for the "resources" link.  A search on "salvage" should turn up a list.
Thanks for the replies.  kkolbus - - No, I'm not making any plans.  If anyone was doing that, it would be my wife.  I just get a kick out of calling her my "first wife".  It's the truth!  10 wonderful years and counting.

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