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I live in Washington, am in the military and recently had one of the worst experiences in my life. My mother-in-law is deathly ill. My wife wants to be with her, which I absolutely support. Decided to purchase my second travel trailer, first in several years. Found a good deal and decided to go with a trailer. My wife needs somewhere to stay close to her mother, but can't afford hotel room. Got everything attached, trailer loaded, weights well within tolerance and hit the road. 15 miles later, axle hanger breaks on trailer initiates huge tail wagging experience. Fought for several hundred yards and totaled trailer. Angels definately on our side, no injuries, stuff damaged, but you can always by more stuff. So now I have decided that I grew up pulling 5ers, time for another one. If someone can tell me how to load pics, I have a few good ones of the crash. Meanwhile, waiting on insurance, truck in shop, new trailer picked out. I have to do some research on sliders and appreciate the fact this place is full of knowledgable person(s) willing to share their brain. So again hello!
Welcome to our forum. Sorry to hear about your family problems and about your trailer problem. Glad to hear you survived the ordeal.

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Don't skimp on the hitch and the sway control.


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Oh my, what a mess. Must have been heartbreaking, although it could have been a lot worse. Thanks for sharing those photos with us.
Oh wow that must have been a scary experience.  Sorry to hear of your accident.  Glad no one was injured.  Thanks fore sharing the photos with us.

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