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Jul 22, 2005
Just thought I'd introduce myself (again).  We (husband, myself, 3 year old daughter) bought a 2005 Minnie 26A about 16 mos. ago and so far it's been a blast.  Of course, like all first time buyers, we probably bought a bit small for our needs but it's pretty good!  So far we've gone on weekend trips and I've mostly used it for dog shows around the SE.  This summer we're planning our first big trip (up to Maine) so I'm sure I'll have lots of questions! 

I'll go ahead and ask my first question now, in fact!  So far, when traveling with my dogs, our destination was always a dog show.  This summer we want to take one of our dogs with us to Maine.  I can see where most campgrounds allow dogs, but they also state that you can't leave them alone in the campsite.  How do other dog owners handle it?  There will be times when we want to go out to eat/shop, etc., and it won't be appropriate for her to accompany us.  ???

Thanks and this is a great resource!

Hi Laura,

Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll get lots of answers to your questions.

Many people leave their dogs alone in a coach for dinner or other adventures. It really depends upon your dogs. Are they very noisy when you are gone??? If so, that might be a problem.  If you can leave them for a length of time and they don't bark much, then you shouldn't have any problems.

How do you plan on getting to Maine? We will be in CT for the summer. Sometimes we have room for another rig in our daugther's yard.

Oh yes, we're enjoying the Minnie.  So far the two biggest trips I've done were a couple of runs from Florida (home) over to Mississippi last year for dog shows.  It's been a learning experience for sure! 

Thanks for the information about dogs.  The girl I want to take is my older border collie who is quiet as a mouse when we leave her and is also crated so she just snoozes away.  Nobody would even know she was there!

We're just now in the planning stages of how to get up to Maine.  I know we'll leave Florida via 95 and stop one night in Savannah, Georgia to drop of the rest of my dogs at a friend's farm.  After that, I don't know.  Our first destination will be in the Portland area so I guess we could take 95 the whole way.  I know traffic is a bear around DC, NY, and Boston, but perhaps if we time it correctly it would be too bad?  Any suggestions as to a different route?
Hi Laura,

Sounds like you will have no problem with your dog.

I avoid I95 like the plague! NYC area can be horrendous but CT is just as bad. Since we're east of Hartford off I84 we always come up I81 out of VA and stop at friends in PA. Then it's I84 all the way to I691 near Waterbury/Cheshire. I691 to I91 north to Hartford and then back onto I84 eastbound. That eliminates all the heavy traffic on the west side of Hartford. From there you could take I90 towards Boston and then north on I495 around Boston. It will be longer but I think a more pleasant trip.

Coming through NYC on a Sunday morning probably would be the easiest time but others might know better than I since I always avoid it. :)

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