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Jun 27, 2006
North Carolina
Greetings everyone.  My wife and I have recently  bought a class A Pace Arrow to begin hopefully some good adventures.  We have two small children (Benjamin and Mackenzie) and are looking forward to showing them some of the country on some family vacations.  This coach seems huge right now and I hope it can negotiate the average camp site.  I hope we didn't get in over our heads (I am a little nervous right now since we haven't even taken the first trip yet).  We have alot of questions already and look forward to some discussions!  - Brian and Haifa.
Welcome to the forum? we also own a PA and love it.? Fire away with the Questions.? Many here have great knowlege of products of all types or know where to find the answers.? Just be specific about models and numbers and the info will come to you.? Good Luck
Brian and Haifa,

Welcome to our forum. I see you're finding your way around and have posted a question.
Brian and Haifa,

Let me add my welcome to the RV Forum and to congratulate you on your purchase of a Pace Arrow.  Glad you found us.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions, start new discussions, or ask any questions that come up.  Thanks for joining us.
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