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Apr 13, 2005
Birmingham, AL
Let me begin by saying thanks in advance for all the help and information that I have already recieved.  My name is Craig and my wife's name is Aleta.  We have just purchased our first RV.  It is a Keystone-Springdale 291-RKL.  Our TV is a 2002 Dodge.  We have spent many years tent camping, but since the birth of our son,  we decided we need to move into a travel trailer.  If anyone has a good list or any suggestions on items needed to stock the new TT please feel free to help.
Scotch, beer, wine..... the list goes on and on ;D

Welcome, Craig and Aleta, to a great new life. There are many people on the Forum that, I'm sure, have lists of necessities and nice-to-have's, and will be happy to share them with you. That being said, perhaps the harder part is deciding what NOT to bring along! It's tempting to pack everything you think you will need or want, but space and weight are important considerations so leave the 60" projection tv at home and take an extra few rolls of t.p. Most people have a policy of 'If it hasn't been used in (6 months, 1 year, etc.), out it goes. Sorry; wife, kids and pets are exempt. 
Hi Craig and Aleta. Welcome to our friendly forum. Do you have a photo of your Keystone Springdale to share with others here?
Craig & Aleta,

Welcome to the RV Forum and Framily.  Congratulations on your new rig.  Please join in any of the ongoing discussions or start a new discussion relating to the RV lifestyle.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  There is a lot of RVing knowledge here among the framily.

Thanks for jioning us.
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