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Apr 13, 2011
OK-I need Help
I never realized how big the internet is.
I saw a post, Blog or site about handicap traveling, the one I saw, if I remember was a blog that was written by two ladies that claim they had been to 49 states, they listed the ADA availability for all of the sites they had been to.
They had developed a map of the USA that you could highlight and it would show all the sites they had been to and how easy it was for them to navigate the area.
The map was yellow and the site or Blog was very well made.
I have a number of handicaps that would benefit.
Do you remember any details, of particular use would be anything unusual about the site or people involved?  traveling and camping/campsites turn up on too many websites, it'll be difficult to find this one via search I think.
Here's quite a few but there are many many, perhaps if you remember what terminology you used when searching........

.Search resultsHandicapped Travel Club, Inc. Home Page
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Handicapped Accessible Campsites in Colorado | USA Today
The western section of the campground has level RV sites, ... and three sites reserved for disabled campers. Sites feature level gravel RV ... in travel, cooking and interior ... - Cached

Disabled Travel | Kgalagadi Camping sites
Disabled Travel For peace of mind and a truly accessible, trouble-free holiday. ... The environment in the camping sites is very sandy and uneven, especially in Nossob. - Cached

Handicapped Travel Club Information Center
Handicapped Travel Club ... of sports and recreation while delimiting the day to day barriers ... camp and so started a directory of camping locations. - Cached

Colorado Camping with a Wheelchair - Denver Adaptive Travel ...
Colorado Camping with a Wheelchair. Travel; April 30, 2009; By: Andrea Kennedy; Subscribe; Tweet. 0 Email. ... Andrea Kennedy, Colorado Adaptive Travel Examiner. - Cached
More results from ?
Handicapped Camping Is Available With Limited Mobility Sites
Let handicapped camping areas be an asset to your ... RVing is becoming a popular means of travel for disabled people because you can get an RV custom designed ... - Cached

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Travel agents, tour operators, home ... Epic Enabled offers family friendly & wheelchair accessible camping safari holidays to the disabled traveler in the Kruger ... - Cached

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Accessible Camping Accommodations Advice
Includes information on travel organizations for the disabled, ... a tent may be used for overnight camping trips. While many of us have memories of lying in a ... - Cached
Here is a blog site (yellow background).  I don't think it's by two women but you may find it helpful none the less.  You can search the site by category, state etc.
My own computer is on the blink, but I have that site saved in my favorites and will get it to you or post it when I get my computer back.

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