Help Locating a VIN # on a 1978 Country Squire

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Feb 14, 2006
Please help! I recently sold my 1978 dodge country squire and i signed the title over and the gentleman took it home he soon called to let me know that the Vin # on my title and the one on the door did not match.  I soon found out that my vehicle has two Vin #'s one for the chassis and one for the rest but my problem is the gentleman that bought it from me can not locate the second # the one that we assume matches the title. It is not on the dash. I called an rv dealership and they did not know exactly where to look they said it could be anywhere on the vehicle I need to confirm this Vin # so he does not want to return the vehicle to me.  Please Help!!!!


Jan 29, 2006
High Falls, Ga
There should be a data plate or tag in the driver's area. Sometimes the manufacturers put them behind the seat on the wall. Another place is under the dash on the wall. If there is an overhead cabinet it could be up there. You may even have a second one in a closet or cabinet in the kitchen area.


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Oct 9, 2005
:)That's quite true what has already been said about where to find the Coach Vin #. However. You may have to consider that over the years the Coach Vin tag has disappeared. The 1993 Gulfstream Crown Regis that I bought from Florida and shipped over to the UK. Arrived without a Tag. I had to have some made (legally) after showing proof of Title, purchase and clearance of Custom's in the USA and the UK. The Coach Vin# usually includes the Engine #. JAT.  ;)
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