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Oct 7, 2012
Hello, All!

My wife and I are considering our first TT purchase.  I am set on a TT because I need to use an SUV for towing in order to accommodate all the kids and grandparents.  I really want to use a Toyota Sequoia; I understand it's only able to tow 6500 pounds.  What we want is an excellent quality rig suitable for use in all seasons.  It will be stored outside in a region that gets moderate winters with some very cold days.  We want to be able to sleep at least seven, and have ample "moving around" and lounging space.  We live near Watauga Lake in Upper East Tennessee, and would like to park the trailer on the lake for weekend use when we aren't on the go.  I'm hoping to go with a used model with a price point of $15,000 or less. 

Is all this possible?

All advice is welcome and deeply appreciated.

Edit: Moderator expanded title to better reflect the help desired.
I can't think of any size trailer that would provide even tight quarters for 7 people (some are kids, I hope?) and still weigh under 6500 lbs when loaded. But maybe my idea of ample "moving around space" is more generous than yours.
That's what I was afraid of.  I'm trying desparately to avoid having to purchase a mammoth diesel engine tow machine.  Assuming I were willing to back down on the "moving around space" would there be any viable options?
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