Help needed: Roof replacement - insurance claim

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dexter moregone

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May 1, 2019
Hi All, I'll try to make this explanation brief.  We had hail damage on our 29' Class C Four Winds Majestic and water got underneath the rubber roof causing some buckling of the plywood subsurface.  We put in an insurance claim for the repair work for a new rubber roof.  The RV repair shop did not replace any of the wood underneath, even with my suggesting this several times.  They even put in some fasteners in some areas to pull down the wood which I could feel through the new membrane. They also did not pull the new membrane to the front completely and I had a six inch hole open up at the front of the roof where it meets the front seam.  They hacked up a few other repair items that had to be pointed out to them.  I was not happy and about to go somewhere else and the insurance agent recommended I at least give them an opportunity to make things right. I did this, and they said they replaced only a small 2 x 2 foot area in towards the back.  Fast forward 6-7 months later and the whole one side of the roof basically has ripples in it from the plywood underneath.  I don't know if water is still getting under the membrane or if this is because it is warming up now and the wood is expanding, but it is pretty bad. I will not be going anywhere near that RV repair shop ever again.  Any thoughts on actions to take?


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Mar 21, 2009
Name them here and put reviews on Google and

Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Other than broadcasting their name & location to warn others, and maybe filing a complaint with the local BBB (if there is one), your only recourse if a civil lawsuit, or the threat of one.  Maybe serve notice that you are hiring somebody else to fix it right and expect the original shop to pay the bill. An attorney can advise.

Frankly , it may cost you more than eating the loss, but may bring some satisfaction.

I suggest reporting the facts (not a rant) as a service review in various RV venues, e.g. right here (Service & Repair Reviews) and the website


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Dec 19, 2018
Have you tried additional recourse through your insurance claim?

It sounds like the insurance company owed to replace the plywood sheathing and didn't, and now that omission has caused additional damage and ongoing issues. I would think they still owe to replace the sheathing now that it is causing issues, as it is related to the original loss. Has the adjuster done a re-inspect? Hopefully there are photos with the original estimate that can prove your position.

If you think you might have recourse with insurance, or if that's still a question, maybe try reaching out to your local/state insurance commissioner's office and ask for help.


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Jun 11, 2012
You may try small court claims if the insurance does not help here.
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