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Oct 17, 2006
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping you'll be able to offer some helpful advice.

I'm from Halifax in England and I'm wanting along with two friends to rent an RV in May 07. We'll be travelling from Chicago to Los Angeles stopping in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding along the way. We've planned this trip to last around 15 days.

Could anyone recommend a good RV hire company?

How much approximately will it cost to hire a 29ft RV?

Any other general advice would be much appreciated as I'm a total beginner to RVing.

Thank you

Welcome to our forum. We won't hold it against you for living on the wrong side of the Severn Bridge  ;D

Here's a list of some rental companies that might help.

Let us know how you make out and please keep in touch, letting us know how the trip works out when the time comes. We'd especially like to see some photos taken along the way. Meanwhile, let us know if we can answer any questions.
Could anyone recommend a good RV hire company?

Three of Tom's list seem to stand out.  In order of volume, they seem to be Cruise America, El Monte Rents, and Moturis.  I have seen a lot of them in western US campgrounds and generally the renters are well satisfied.  I know that El Monte, a Los Angeles headquartered firm has European agents and I suspect the other two do also.
I've had a few quotes back from Hire Companys but I'm not sure how the milage works.
If I'm travelling from Chicago to LA is this milage included in the costs or do I need to pay for extra miles to cover the trip?Thanks

I suspect you'll need to ask the rental companies how they figure the mileage. I've never rented an RV, but maybe others can share their experience with fees and mileage.
Hello Gents
I've now booked with Moturis and can't wait to hit the open road.

Any other tips or advice would be good as I've not done this before ?

Are there any camp ground companies you can recommend or any we should avoid?

Thanks for your help

Most all of us use one of two guides:  Trailer Life's Campground Directory or Woodall's Campground Directory East/West.  They rate commercial campgrounds in terms of amenties, physical facilities, and santitation.  The also list last years prices, site size, and directions to them.  They give unrated descriptions for public campgrounds also.    True gems for RV camping.  Used in conjunction with a cell phone they answer most problems in locating decent sites.  Should be available thru Amazon. 

Browse the forum for tips and lists.  Check out our library. 

One hint that I have seen nowhere, but a foreign visitor might not know is to  buy one or two $10 rolls of quarters (25 cent pieces) at a bank when you arrive.  The quarter is the universally useful US coin. (We have no dollar coins in circulation.)  One needs them for parking meters, laundy machines, pay showers,  vending machines, etc.  We habitually keep a small sack of them in the trailer.

If you like meeting folks, bring a small Union Jack and display it at your campsite.

If you are in a small town, make a point to have a dinner at a local restaurant.  Most CG hosts can direct you to the town dining out spot.  Avoid the food at travel plazas.  Ours is no better than yours  -- cheaper but no better.   

I will tell you a secret.  Mexican food is basically bland. (Bar tamales, chorizos, and albondigas soup)  What makes it spicy lurks in those bowls of evil looking red, yellow, and green salsa on the table.  On the other hand, if you are into Indian food, ignore this and lather the stuff on your taco.

If you get to Navajo land, the best buys are their silver work.  Pottery is best by the Hopi and Pueblos.

Blue grass festivals are fun.  If you can find one, go.  You are liable to recognize a lot of the tunes -- they are British in origin. (see skiffle).

Give a lot of time to the desert southwest if you can.  Do a loop around the canyon country:  Zion NP, Capitol Reef NP, Arches and Canyonlands NP, Monument Valley Tribal Park, and the incomparable Grand Canyon NP.  Pick one, pick all.  Each one is worth a detour and each one is almos unique in the world.  The forum has a rally at Arches in the latter part of May -- see the Moab topics on the forum.


Thank you for all the tips and advice, we'll definitely take a Union Jack for the camp grounds.
We're all really looking forward to the trip across your great country and we're gonna try and see as much as we can especially around the Grand Canyon.

Thanks again for your help!
Well if you are going to do the Canyon area, do include Canyon de Chelly on the Navajo Rez.  A jeep tour up the canyon is well worth the effort. They have Navajo guides.  In fact, the National Park is run by the Navajo.  Monument Valley and Gouldings RV resort is another site worth the detour.

Meteor Crater near Winslow is a good 2 hour stop also.
Carl Lundquist said:
Meteor Crater near Winslow is a good 2 hour stop also.

The Meteor Crater campground, just off I-40 on the road to Meteor Crater is an excellent campground. Besides offering a discount to the Meteor Crater site, it is a Passport park and reasonably inexpensive.

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