help no power at hwh lever panel

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Feb 12, 2012
My hwh lever panel is just the basic panel with the four levers for each jack and one switch. Flipping the switch is suppose to put  power to the levers. But right now its not, i checked the 5 amp fuse in the panel and even unscrewed the panel to check for lose connections everything seems fine. Idk what to try next as my knowledge to these leveling systems is limited. Luckily I'm on a pretty level lot right now, but hope to figure this problem out soon. Any of you guys that know what i need to do next please let me know.
Well if the circuit board is fried, then nothing much will help. But before you start thinking in that direction, do all of the contacts first.  Get yourself a GOOD quality electrical contact cleaner in a spray can.  Make sure that the product does not leave a residue when dry. DO NOT USE WD40.  Pull apart each plug on the back of the circuit panel and liberally spray each side of the connection. Also spray the back of the circuit board if you can get to it.  A intermittent connection can cause a great deal of frustration. 

I had an intermittent problem with HWH jacks on my previous MH and the spray routine cleared it up. 
Ok ill try that. If the circuit board is fried how would i go about getting a replacement?
Havnt tried cleaning anything yet, but i did get back into it and everything seems to be clean by looking at it. is it possible that there is another fuse somewhere?
Well after taking things apart and crawling around underneath the motorhome i finally found the problem. I traced the control panels red power wire which brought me right back to the drivers seat but to the fuse panel underneath the dash.using my test light i checked the connection for power and got nothing key on or off. The wire was plugged into the acc port in the panel, I'm assuming something happened to that port because it no longer works. I just used my test light to check for an available port that had power moved the wire to the new port and now all is well. I only wish finding the problem would have been easier.
I'd suggest you still try to find why the power is missing (fuse, circuit breaker, broken wire, etc.) -- your solution might give you incorrect fusing, or affect something else, though it should be fine temporarily.
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