help on lighting gas oven

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Ian H

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Mar 23, 2005
This one isn`t too technical,just frustrating.Is there a trick to lighting the gas oven (other than a stick of dynamite).I have tried lighting the hob first,no problem but the oven takes forever for the pilot to light
I have seen a thread somewhere but cant find it

My Magic Chef takes a long time too. If you don't use it regularly, it takes a while for the propane to reach the pilot. I turn mine slightly past the "pilot" mark on ther knob; probably doesn't make any difference but it makes me feel better ;D
All ovens are mostly the same. Get one of those grill lighters and hold it under the pilot until it lights. FWIW I hate mine too. lol

While reading this topic I just asked Sam if she had any difficulties or issues when lighting the pilot light on our Magic Chef oven.  She replied no difficulties, just get on her knees and light it.  No problem.
We have one of those long grill lighters and since the microwave/oven has broken the oven has has plenty of use.
Another question  Where is the best place to get a ceramic tile for the oven,i read somewhere it is supposed to spread the heat

Any of the specialty cookware stores and some department stores carry them. They are called various names, but basically they're 'pizza stones'. Might try Home Depot or the like and ask in the home improvement dept. for some fireproofing sheet material used behind fireplaces, etc. They used to be made of asbestos, but now they're a silica product and less likely to break than pizza stones. Size it to leave about a 1" gap around the edges for good circulation.
Hi Ian,

That's a normal problem with ovens. The older models always take quite a while to light. A barbeque lighter is the best way to light the oven. The newer models have changed. The knob for controlling the oven needs to be pushed in to light. This model ignites quickly compared to the other models.

They gave a good tip on the show Good Eats on the Food Network. Just buy a 12" floor tile instead of a pizza stone. Same thing at a fraction of the cost.


I would recommend against that. Most floor tiles are treated with various polymers and varnishes to seal them; may also contain lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals - not good for taste or health. Also, a 12" tile is hardly large enough unless you're into 'pizza for one'.
Thanks chaps
problem solved  the man from GE came today and fixed micro/oven
gas oven back into retirement
All you have to do to get rid of the surface coatings is bake the tile for about a half an hour at 400 degrees.


I don't mean to flog a dead horse, but the clay that tiles are made from can contain those heavy metals I was talking about and they stay around a long, long time. Many folks have bought and cooked with clay pottery from our friends to the South only to find out that they are not safe to use. Now they're saying the same thing about Teflon (reg. t.m. DuPont)  'nuff said.

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