Help, what is the 50amp shore power plug configuration on a Cherokee 38BS?

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May 8, 2006
I have not been able to get a straight answer from the dealer, nor the factory on the type of plug the optional 50 amp shore power cord has on our Cherokee 38BS.  We ordered the unit with the washer/dryer combo unit, thus the 50 amp service.
I have seen two different types of plugs: 1) a round ground at 12 o-clock, and three straight/vertical spade plugs at 3,6 & 9 o-clock OR 2) curved spade plugs that make up the twist lock style plug.
My gut is that the first option is correct, but would love some input from you folks.
The trailor should be in any day.
We have the electrician running the power next week on a vacation property and I would prefer to have him complete the job in one day.
Thank you for your input!
Rob and Deb
Rob and Deb,

We have an article in our library that might help. Click the Library button above, select Tech topics and click on 50A shore power.
AFAIK all RVs requiring 50A service are wired per the 14-50R receptacle. Your electrician should know this.
One thing to consider......  Most dealers, if not manafacturers, include a matching power cord with the rig.

In the case of 50 amp service this cord will have a plug end which is designed to match the standard outlet used in RV parks (3 flat blades, one round one) and a "Socket" end designed to match the inlet on your rig/trailer. (Usually a "Marine Style" Round twist lock)  If you are looking for extension cords,  Either one will work (You just extend at the end matching the cord)

I do suggest you get a short 30/50 amp adapter cord.  I have one that is 12 inches long, 50 amp "Marine" style twist lock socket and standard 30 amp RV plug... When I'm in a park that does not have 50 amp service the 30 amp extension cords are a lot easier to wrangle than the 50's
Tks to Tom and John.  We were at a RV and Boat fair this am and checked out the shore power cords.  They were all as you have stated, twist lock on the RV side, 14-50R on the other side.
Can not wait to get the beast on the property.
Till soon.
Rob and Deb
Right on John about the 30/50  I carry one all the ime.  As a matter of fact I keep an extra with the piece tag still on it, incase I run into someone that may need one.  With My 30 AMper I sometimes need it.
I have adapters, in some cases multiple copies, for just about every configuration you can think of

30 to 50, 15/20 to 50 15/20 to 30, dual 15/20 to 30, 240 volt split phase 30 amp twist lock to 30 amp rv (Uses only one leg) and of course the short 30 amp to 50-amp Marine,  That last one is the one I use the most

Oh yes, I've got a cheater box (30+30 to 50 amp) that has never been used
Not all RV s have detachable power cords. Sometimes the RV end is hard-wired to the rig's power system. In that case, you have only the 14-50R plug on the outer end.

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