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Nov 22, 2005
Anybody have suggestions for HF antennas for the MH.? I have a 1999 36' National Tropical (gas).? My rig would be my IC706MIIG that I had used mobile in my PU.? Sold PU and bought the MH.? I had thought it would be nice to be able to work HF while underway, but I don't see convenient way to install an antenna.? The MH has fiberglass sides and rubber roof.? She does have an aluminum frame though.?

I can probably hook up my AH-4 autocoupler and a whip on the rear ladder, but would not be able to use it while underway.? (those overpasses would raise hell with the antenna.?

So can you folks share what you are using.? Won't be going to Dayton anytime soon.

Thanks & 73 de Mike W7CO
Hi Mike,

Why not mount a 75 meter "Hamstick" horizontally to the rear of your real ladder tuned by that AH-4 for all band use mobile?  I have a screwdriver antenna on the rear ladder with a 102" whip for use when stopped and a 40 meter Hamstick horizontal from the rear luggage rack rail for mobile action.

Newmar told me that the aluminum strip around the rubber roof is connected directly to the coach's metal super structure so it is a great ground point.

--Steve, NO7V
  99 Dutch Star 38'
I plan on doing some research next may.

However if your rig is mostly all fiberglass... How about a "hitch mount"  Basically.. What I'm thinking of at this time is having a local body shop weld an extension on the side of the towing assembly that will allow me to put a standard mount just behind the motor home... In normal use this shoudl not cause any problems and in my motor home the only thing back there is the wireing for the stop lights and such... I do not thing I'll have any problems

Though just now I'm not thinking of operating low-band while driving.. That good I don't think I am (I may well be but I'm not willing to risk it) 2mtr is easy, low band not so

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