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Feb 18, 2006
We're about to take the plunge.  My wife and I are going to try to go full timing after the 1st of next year.  Presently looking into all aspects of motorhome life.  Also looking for a good deal on a motorhome.  Taking our time.  Have two houses to get rid of and all the stuff in both of them.  Seems like a daunting task at times.  Both retired now and want to hit the road.....
Welcome to RVForum.net, CapnD.  This is a great place to ask questions about motorhomes and the RV lifestyle.  Many fulltimers hang out here and between them and the rest of the members there is a wealth of experience available to you.
Hi CapnD, let me add my welcome to our forum. Feel free to look around the forum and our library. As Gary says, feel free to ask any questions and we;ll try to get them answered.
Welcome to the RV Forum.? You will find a wealth of information here so ask any questions you might have about the RVing lifestyle.? Several of us here have or had been fulltiming for several years.? If you are looking for a motorhome check out this Monaco in our private sale section HERE ? Glad you found us.
Hi CapnD,

Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of answers here. We've been full timing for 9 years. We even still speak to each other! ;D ;D It's a great way to see everything this country has to offer!

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