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I'm Deb, and my husband's name is Jere.  We live in the Seattle area. 

We are planning on selling the home and venturing forth in a 5th wheel set-up this year, and hope to be on the road this fall.  We have tons to learn.  This looks like a very active forum (our first).  I look forward to getting to know y'all. 
Hi Deb & Jere,

Welcome to the RV Forum and Framily.  We are glad you found us.  Pease join in any of the ongoing discussions or start new discussions relative to the rving lifestyle.  You have come to the right place for information.  Thanks for joining us.

Where "in the Seattle area" do you live?  I lived there for 14 years.  First in the "U district" then North Seattle, then Alki, and later White Center." 

Went on the road in Jan 91, spent two years in motels, then got my first trailer.  Bought my present trailer about a year ago, it's a 38' King of the Road 5th wheel with 3 slide outs.  I'm pulling it with an F450. 

I'm in Virginia these days, I work for a government contractor.

Hi Bruce,
We live in Arlington...north of Everett.  Do you move that 38' around much?  We are planning to stick with 1 slide out for starters to reduce pick-up-and-go time.  Do the slide outs give you any major grief?  I'm convinced we want to make sure our slide out can be operated manually if anything goes wrong.

Thanks for contacting us.
Deb & Jere
Hi Deb & Jere and welcome.

My wife and I also decided to go fulltiming and we are a couple of months ahead of you and very excited.  We have sold our home on the east coast, and some additional acreage and the acreage settles on May 17, the home on June 1.  Our Newmar Kountry Star 39 foot motorhome is on order and due to deliver the end of May.  By July we will be in our new "domicile" of Montana.  But 10 months of the year we will be on the move.  The advantage of a home on wheels. In July and August we park at my sister in laws home in Montana and that will be our state of residence, at least for the time being.

Will you guys be working while ou fulltime and if so what kind of work? 

I do some consulting and writing and also plan to workcamp.  10 years ago I retired from an executive career with a Fortune 500 company and then spent 10 years running a charterboat on the Chesapeake.  Now it is time to smell the roses, and just do enough work to pay for camping and keep my mind active.

This is a wise and enjoyable group you have joined.  Just about everything worthwhile I have learned has come from someone in this group.  A world of knowledge here.

As we wend our way westward in our new life, and you head eastward, I hope our paths will cross.
Thanks for the warm welcome, folks. 

Yes, Ron...it does appear I have come to the right place.  We have surfed a topic or two, and look forward to digging in. 

Smokey & _______, I'm excited for you both being so near to realizing this new adventure.  We are gathering data and preparing what we think is a fairly accurate list of monthly bills.  Most definitely, we will need to work but I'm confident we will have much more freedom than the current treadmill we are on.  In fact, we are still in our busy season shipping flowers from a large farm, and we will need to get up at 2:30 AM.  Ouch!  So I will not be online long tonight!

Depending on the season we actually get on the road, we may head east to Delaware.  South to San Diego is our mostly likely course...and I do love it there.  We plan on getting Datastorm to access the satellite, so y'all will be able to look us up if you like. 

I'm blogging this major life transition.  I hope someone can benefit from our experiences as we muddle our way towards our goals.  A recent post describes various ways we may try to stay employed.  Primarily, though, I want to sell postcards and other images at weekend farmers markets and the like.  Currently, I work in an office....typing, shipping, and various other tasks.  The creative me needs air.  My husband works at the loading dock.

Must go.  Thanks for your well wishes.
Deb & Jere
Let us know if we can provide any answers or data to help you achieve yp\our goal.  Good luck.
Many of us here either use the Datastorm or a manual direcway set up to access the internet.  It does work well.

deber said:
I'm blogging this major life transition.

What is the URL for your blog?  We'd like to follow your adventure as it progresses.
We live in Arlington...north of Everett.

Deb&Jer, that's where framily member Jeff Cousins territory--he works on the Arlington airport.  I met him there last year when my wife and I went down for the EAA fly-in.


Hi Deb,

Welcome to the forum. You certainly have come to the right place to obtain answers to your questions. Many full timers here with lots of knowledge to impart upon anyone willing to listen. ;D Don't be afraid to ask any question. The only dumb question is the one not asked!!


i just now figured out you replied to me.  I'm still learning how to navigate here and am a bit lost.

So far I've only moved the trailer twice.  The biggest probelm with the slide outs is that I have so much junk in here, I have to move it before I can bring them in!  They sure make a world of difference though.

If I were you I would definitely get at least two slideouts.  The one in the bedroom is so little trouble and adds so much more to the trailer. My double slide outs in the living room make the place seem like a home instead of a trailer.  All slideouts have manual cranks.

What is the URL for your blog?  We'd like to follow your adventure as it progresses.
Hi Ned...we are at www.outonthelimb.blogspot.com
It is difficult to find time to blog and take care of all else, but I do try to put something in daily.

and Hello Tom,
I think I'll save the "Journal & Logs" posting at this forum for when we actually get on the road.  Right now, our "adventure" is more questions and research than anything else.  Thanks for pointing out the journal feature.
I'm still learning how to navigate here and am a bit lost.
You and me both, Bruce!  Congrats on your pending marriage and new business.  Best wishes to you both! 

It's nice to know that all slideouts have manually override.  I'm the kind of gal who refuses to buy an electric can opener because I want to exercise my fingers with the old fashioned kind.  Having said that, I volunteer my husband Jere to work the slideouts!  ;D
Thanks for the info, Bruce.

I visited your blog site and I was fascinated by the clock that follows my cursor like a swarm of bees.  Can you explain how you do that?
Deb&Jer, that's where framily member Jeff Cousins territory--he works on the Arlington airport
Hey Doug!
I used to work at "Flight Structures" at the Arlington airport years ago.  The fly-in was always the highlight of the year there.

I know a Tim Cousins from Darrington (1st town east of Arlington).  In fact, there are Cousins everywhere around here!  Yep...it is definitely a small world.

To anyone:  I wanted to throw a few bucks in the kitty, and now I can't find it.
Here kitty kitty kitty!!  I'm sure someone would be more than happy to help!  :-\
My eldest son and I, and on occasion, just myself, have been going to the Arlington EAA for some years.  Great event, Deber.

Here kitty kitty kitty!!  I'm sure someone would be more than happy to help!

As I recall you go to paypal and find the donation reference to RV Forum--but I don't want to swear to that.  I'm sure that Tom, the Master Sgt or Admiral, the first-among-equals driver behind this site will chime in and give you more specific directions.



Thanks for stopping by my site, Smokey.
About that floating clock:  I got it from Bravenet http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/index.php which has many fun freebees.

I almost forgot I had the floating clock there because it doesn't show on Firefox, and I've never bothered to investigate how to fix that problem.  Anyone know of a simple fix on that?  Other than that, I haven't experienced any problems and have had it there several months.  Here is the direct link for the clock section at Bravenet:
Deb and Jere,

I've looked over your blog, thanks for the mention of the RV Forum.

I wanted to throw a few bucks in the kitty, and now I can't find it.

There's a Paypal button on our web site http://www.rvforum.net.
Thanks for the help, Ned.

You're welcome about the mention at "Limb".  I appreciate the time and effort put into helping others at RV Forum.
I meant to link the RV Forum to my site.  All done now.

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