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Hey Tom, 
My husband and I are about to purchase our first motor home (we do currently have a 5th wheel).  Anyway we are deciding between 2 very gently used RV's, a 2005 Winnebago Journey with @8K miles and a 2004 Fleetwood Discovery with @20K miles.  The Fleetwood is slightly cheaper than the Winnebago, but that's not all that's important!  What do you think?  We just don't know which brand has a better rep, etc.  He has driven both and thinks he likes the Fleetwood better to drive, but we both like the Winnebago floorplan better (and so does our daughter). Any input anyone can give would be helpful.
I haven't owened either model but I've heard good reports about both. Having to choose between floorplan and handling - that's a tough choice. My wife would opt for her preferred floorplan, but I'd always have the last word - "yes dear".
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They are both good mid-level motorhomes and I can't think of any particular reason to choose one over the other.  The right floor plan is critical to your enjoyment of the rig, but since you are new RVers I suspect that what you now think is important in a floor plan is probably not what you will think  after a  6-12 months of RVing experience.  You have to live in it for awhile to realize what is really important to you, i.e. what is convenient and what is not.
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