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Mar 9, 2005
Torrington, Ct.
It's us, George & Ann Foster reporting in from Connecticut where it's about 25 degrees and has stopped snowing for awhile. "Global warming my ass". You don't know how much I envy you guys that are down south. Oh well, we enjoy our condo and being near the kids. Besides, we are both working at a campground here in NW Connecticut, so we haven't completely abandoned the lifestyle.
Thanks to Gary Brinck for the notice that you guys were here. I don't know how much we'll be checking in, but at least now I'll be able to message once in a while to see how everyone is doing.
Our email address is [email protected] if anyone wants to reach us outside the "new" community, or perhaps I should call it the "Framily community".
Well, Hi to everyone for now. I'll be checking in.

George and Ann
Welcome to the new forum George and Ann.? Glad you found us.? Sounds cold up there.? Maybe I better provide a forcast for the Yuma area so here gos.

91? | 60?
93? | 60?
92? | 60?
87? | 56?
80? | 53?
Clear Clear Clear Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy

Yea its getting hot down here but sure beats what your have. ;D ;D
George and Ann,

Good to hear from you again.? Was worried we might have lost you forever.? Hope you stay around here and have some fun.? Of course, we'd like you to come out west again some winter.
thedollyllama said:
It's us, George & Ann Foster reporting in from Connecticut where it's about 25 degrees and has stopped snowing for awhile.

Hi George,

It's been a long time since we parked together in Estes Park.? When are you visiting the west again?? It's warm and nice here in Phoenix.? ;D

George and Ann,

God to see you back with us.? Hope you are both well.? Any plans to head into the sunshine?
Hi George & Ann,

Great to see you here! Sorry to hear about your weather but our daughter has kept us informed as well. We sure don't miss it. We're in Yuma where it's warmer than Florida!!! We'll be back in CT sometime late May. Let's find a way to get together sometime!!

Helaine & Wally said:
Hi Ann, and George,
Gosh it is nice to see you again. Wish it was in person but we will take what we? can get.
Glad to know you are still alive and kicking and keeping your hand in RVing through the campground.
Wally and I are wrapping up winter in Scottsdale. He still works at RV Solar, Me, I mostly play. Heading to OR? soon. Ann, My hair is very short and? and? curly. I havent let it get that long again. But getting good hair cuts are not easy. Wish you were on our route. Someday we hope to do east coast again. BTW our Email is [email protected].

Boy do we miss you guys, ALL you guys. As you know, we sold (at least trying to) the motorhome so who knows if we will ever head west again, unless it's by plane.  Jim and Gary or anyone else headed our way this summer, it WOULD be nice to get together. If there's any way, we will.
By the way, the dollyllama thing has to to do with a fishing trip to Alaska last summer with my son Mick. We got into many large Rainbows and some great Dolly Varden fishing. It led me to start singing "Hello Dolly" to the fish, hence the moniker. I'll try and keep up with goings on with this great new FORUM (thanks Tom).

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