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Apr 5, 2019
I'ma hardcore noob!
A tangled mess of horribleness
Poor decisions by the husband and life lessons has placed
My boys-12 and 9
In a junkyard beauty..yep got it
At the scrap yard for 300 bucks! What a deal!
And it only sat..in full sun slideouts extended for three
Years!!? Can u imagine what I had to say
To my husband?!?;
Sigh...anyway 2000 Dutchman supreme 5th
Wheel is what it is.
Now that the husband is paying for his
Poor choices in the DOC ...well I'm here lol making this better
One little thing at a time. And believe me after one little thing is fixed another pops up because well sh$@ runs down hill.
Disabled (I've one leg) raising my fellas Monday thru Friday working my 3-11 on the weekends while the boys visit granny I figure hey let's make lemonade.
My name is Mindy, hi how are ya.

Hi Mindy. Welcome to the forum. Don't be afraid to ask any questions. You've already started with a few but keep them coming. It's great that you start a new post with every question. It makes it less confusing. Hang in there. We're here to help you.
I'm starting with the easy ones lol and thanks for not making me feel stupid.
Went to camping..RV outdoor type store asked sales guy about how the wiring worked...where should I start looking for issues once I determined the fuses were good...he said I was at the wrong store...I needed to go to repair shop.
I decided then that if you didn't own or live in an RV I couldn't ask for any kind of REAL info, because I'm brand new at it and need real info not just for u to pull out a book and read off a part number lol.
Besides I figure if the boys and I fix it ourselves we gain the knowledge.
Thanks for the welcome
Mindyburd said:
I'm starting with the easy ones lol and thanks for not making me feel stupid.

No question is a stupid or dumb question. If you don't know the answer, it's not dumb to ask. I'd have second thoughts about going back to that RV store unless that's your only option.
Welcome to the forum Mindy! You might end up needing it more than anyone else here lol, hopefully your new project will be fun and adventure than it is headache!
I agree the "customer service" ppl would be more helpful if they were a nipple ring on a pig!

Yes..if I don't see the humor in all this I'm not sure I could maintain. The boys and I like to call these little fixes adventures because we have no idea lol and it's almost always a surprise.

Welcome to the RV Forum Mindy

Looks like you've got a good attitude about life. That will help as you work though the adventures.

And we like to help. Just remember we were all new to this at one time. So we've been there
Welcome to the RV Forum Mindy. As you've already discovered, a screw driver and a wrench are your friends. LOL  ;D

Feel free to ask questions. Lots of help available on the forum. Also, you may want to read some of the easy to understand articles in the forum Library. Just click on the "Library" link near the top of the page. 

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