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Native Child

Oct 31, 2006
hello out there in RV land!
i am a newbie and very excited at this point to be a proud owner of a travel trailer! i just went through 2hrs of training and i am afraid i have missed some important pointers. it was the dealership that pointed this forum out to me. She explained that this site is very friendly and that's what inspired me to join.
i am a single parent, divorcee (after 20 yrs.), I am Native American, teacher (soon to be administrator), grandparent of 4, and powwow junkie... my kids sing and dance. we travel extensively to various powwows and that's what prompt me to make my new purchase...
i am thinking this a new hobbie that i could get use to.
thank you
Welcome to RVForum.

Your dealer was right, this is a very friendly group.  This bunch will walk you through any problem you have so long as you stick with it.

Powwows huh?  Sounds like fun.  Can I come?
Hi Native Child and welcome to our forum. Congratulations on the trailer purchase. Let us know if you have any questions and we'll try to get them answered.

Meanwhile, you might care to browse around our library and read some articles there that might be informative. Click the Library button above and select one of the categories.
Welcome to the RV Forum and congratulations on your trailer.  Your dealer was right this is a very friendly and helpful forum.  Please look around the forum, join in on any of the ongoing discussions, start new discussions, and ask any questions you have.
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