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Jan 22, 2006
I don't blame him  I'd rather push my Foed than sit in a Chevy  Matter of preference
I love your spunk and your preference for Fords.  lol  ;D ;D ;D

lou ;)
Naw  you got it wrong  Chevy  is GMC's  Gods Mechanical Crap  and Ford is  First on Race Day.  Just had to get that in    Used to be a sales Manager for Autos  years ago and we had GM and Ford.  I rank Autos  Ford #1, Chrysler #2, Everything Else #3 and GM Last.

Ron said:
How about -  Found On Road Dead. 

That's a good one.  I've also heard the Fiat as: Fix it Again Tom.

Then there is the one that goes:  If you listen real close on a windless night you can hear a Ford rusting....{ducking from Shayne}

We're approaching religious argument here :)
Naw Ned  but it was GM that a few years ago destoyed 5000 Pickups in Florida cause they rusted before they even got on the carriers to ship them.
There always seems to be, and always will be, the "Chevy-Ford" discussion.  I just wanted to "play" with Shayne a bit.  ;D

Shayne, are you coming to Quartzsite?


Stop it guys and gals. Janpaul asked a legit question and you have hijacked his thread and flooded it with humorous but meaningless bull. Put yourself in the originator's shoes and think what you would say if this happened to your own inquiry.

Sorry to be a spoilsport - I know you are just kidding around. But this has been happening a lot lately and folks with legitimate questions can be really put off when their inquiry is ignored and the regulars run away on some tangent.  So let's talk about mpg in this thread and have the fun & social chitchat in its appropriate place.
Have owned MHs for 40 years and never found one that bave good mileage nor worried about it   Bigger Trucks don't give good mileage and an RV is a Truck  not a pickup  but a Truck so forget mileage and just learn to be happy with the enjoyment of RVing   RVing is pleasurable hobby not a money saver nor an economy factor.  You play  you pay.  JMHO  If mieage is a worry  wait till the depreciation factor sets in.  Now theres a big $ savor    NOT

We bought ours, a "new" one, a few months old. (2005, in 2005.) I figured the other guy took the big first year depreciation. Whoopee! I saved that!

The second year, however, is nothing to sneeze at, either! I have watched the market value drop like a balloon stuck with a pin. It'll slow down, eventually. It's the greatest expense, even on  a used one. If I could have spent that money on gas, I could have gone around the world, by now.

Fuel is not the big expense, and not by a long shot. I drive in the mountains, with the Onan running most of the time, for airconditioning, and get 8 to 9 mpg. Happy with that.

Ray D

Oh, my!

Shane, I think we hijacked a  hijacked thread! What's the penalty for that?  ???
I still like the one that says:
"On a quiet summer night you can hear a Ford rust"  ::)
My first truck was 1969 GMC, then a 1979 International Scout, a 1989 Mitsubishi, a 1989 Ford Bronco, a 1999 GMC and currently a 2005 Dodge.  I liked everyone I ever had!  They all did just what I wanted them to do at the time. 
Karl said:
Yeah, and the reason you have quiet summer nights is because the Chevy's won't start! ;D

Said by a typical Ford man.

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