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Oct 9, 2006
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Hi all,
Need some advice...promise I'll listen! ?No experience ever with towing a 5er. ?Will purchase mine tommorow night! ?YEAH! ?The house where it is stored is ok to leave it there till I'm ready to move it. ?My question is this...I have not been able to find anyone that can help me tow it home. ?Do you think I can handle it on my own without an expert with me for the first time??? ?I have driven larger trucks etc and am very comfortable with my F250. ?If you think I need a pro I'll find/hire someone, but if not maybe I'll try it on my own. ?(it's only about an hours drive, mostly back roads. ?
Anxiously awaiting your opinions. :-\
If you have never towed an Rv before, I would suggest you get some help.  Not saying you cannot do it, but there are a lot of things one needs to know about.  Even proper procedures for hitching up are critical.
Any chance the seller would be willing to help out on your first journey into the world of towing?

I've always felt this way about towing....it's easy on the highway...on a crowded freeway or in a congested residential area it's a whole different animal.

It's not really hard, but there are some tricks to it.  Things like knowing how wide to swing a right turn so you don't clip a lightpole, how to back it into a tight spot, dialing in your trailer brakes, etc.  It wouldn't be bad to have someone riding shotgun that can give you some pointers on the fly.

You would probably be OK solo, but it really wouldn't hurt to have someone who's done it a time or two handy.  Even those of us who've logged a mile or two occasionally make a goof.  Remember, there is no such thing as being too cautious doing this.

Before you know it, you'll be rolling down the highway like an old pro, and you'll be able to squeeze it into the best campsite with ease.  Good luck to you. 
Have you towed trailers other then 5th wheels? Sometimes the 5th wheel intimidates folks because it sits up and over the box of the truck. If you have towed before then I doubt you'll have any problems towing a 5th wheel; the pivot point is a little different, but nothing for which you can't compensate.
If you have never towed before and the trailer is really long; then you might want someone with experience along; however most people can tow the 1st time if they keep a level head, don't try to go too fast, and are able to use their mirrors to see where the trailer is tracking.
My bet is you'll do just fine!
If you try it yourself, remember you have to swing wide on your right turns just like the semitrailiers.    Stay the hell out of cul-de-sac streets -- you will get stuck.  On interstates and limited access highways keep to the right lanes.  Also remember, you will not stop as quickly so stay a minium of 3 seconds behind a vehicle in front.  USE YOUR MIRRORS!  Be very cautious with lane changes, especially to the right.
:DTHANKS TO ONE AND ALL....  I found a new friend...someday son in law's boss will be happy to go with meYeah!  was not too keen on going it alone the first time.  Thanks for all the advice.  I''ll be in touch.

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