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Jan 23, 2007
I'm Pete, from Fl.  We have a 2000 Georgie Boy Landau.  We are thinking of trading it for a model that has bunkbeds.  We saw at the show the only two that appear to have it are the Georgie Boy Pursuit 35, and the Georgetown SE.  Am I missing any other brands that would have class A with bunkbeds?  Thanks for having me.
Hi Pete,

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Hello Pete. Welcome to the forum. Mike was just looking online at a Newmar that had bunk beds along the side as well as a queen bed in the back. A wardrobe was an option in place of the bunk beds.

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n880ep said:
Thanks everyone.  Wendy,  Do you know the brand of Newmar?

It is probably the AllStar built on a Spartan mid-engine chassis. A number of different models are available including a toy hauler and the master bedroom suite.
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