Holding tank monitoring systems

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kenn hoover

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Jun 30, 2005
Has anyone installed any of the new type holding tank monitoring systems that use sensors that mount on the outside of the holding tanks?? Am having trouble with the original monitoring system due, I think, to fouled internal sensors.

Appreciate any info anyone can supply.

My name is Kenn and email is: [email protected]

I have installed the SeaLevel 713 from Garnet technology, http://www.garnetinstruments.com/ & like i very much. You must have clear access to your holding & water tanks in order to install the sensors & in most cases you can use the existing wiring from your original tank sensors to power the new display panel.

At Clark Fork, ID
Because I always try to keep up with Terry, I also installede the SeaLevel 713 from Garnet technology and I'm loving it. Know I know for sure if I can take just one more shower without having water rise up to my ankles!
I installed one of the Garnet units in my 1994 Dolphin DP about 3 or 4 years ago. I was able to use the original wiring. It worked really well except the black water reading would sometimes be in error unless you flush the tank every time you dump. I plan to install one in my 2003 Horizon sometime soon. You usually can get a better price at a show.


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