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terry nathan

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Mar 9, 2005
We are Terry and Liliane Nathan, we've been on the old Forum for the past six years, and travelled extensively across USA and Canada for much of that time.  Our home however is in Spain - a bit complicated, particularly as Liliane is Swiss and I am English.  We sold our US motorhome just over a year ago when we came back to Europe and now have a German made motorhome on a MAN truck chassis, very high quality.

We came back home just a few days ago having spent almost a month on a campground just north west of Gibraltar - it was great to watch the container ships threading their way through the Straits of Gibraltar from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic in the foreground, the city of Tangiers in Morrocco (just 9 miles awaw in a straight line) in the middle ground, and the Atlas Mountains which lead into the Sahara Desert in the background.

We miss our many framily friends on the RV Forum, and are planning to return to the States next year.

Best regards, and all success to the new home for the Forum.

Terry and Liliane
Terry and Liliane

Welcome to our new home, and thanks for posting that message. It sure sounds like you're having some interesting times on your travels. Although I've not met either of you in person, I feel like I've known you for a long time. Framily members talk about you both all the time, both online and in person. They always say good things I might add. When the photos of your custom made European RV first appeared on the forum, folks didn't stop talking about them, marvelling at the design and the buit-in garage for the toad. Folks can't wait to see you again on this side of the Atlantic and, of course, everyone is just dying to see your coach.

Having recently spent quite a bit of time with Jim & Pat Dick, I feel like I know you even more. Pat told us about the first forum rally you attended, and how she invited you to your first RV Forum campground party - at your site. They proudly show everyone the album of photos from their trip of a lifetime that you graciously arranged and hosted for them, while Jim painstakingly describes the story behind every photo.

Before I forget, could you help resolve a recent Framily debate over your coach - is your engine a Mann diesel, a Mercedes, or is it maybe MTU?

I can't pass up the opportunity to tease an Englishman about the fall from glory of the boys from Twickenham. They dominated the world rugby scene for so many years with extremely disciplined and brilliant play, but now face the wooden spoon. Meanwhile, Wales, the underdog, has emerged from 20 years of abysmal performance, but they're still a far cry from the golden era of Welsh rugby in the 70's. Peggy and Dennis Underhill, the Brits in the Bayou, are currently hiding from me. In case you hadn't guessed, I'm a Taff exiled in California for the last 25 years, and attended my first rugby game at the ripe old age of 6 months.

I've been involved with the RV Forum since shortly after it was opened and, as you well know, there's no finer group of people than the Framily I have the pleasure of serving and being a part of.

Well, as we say in Wales, that's it for now boyo. I hope we'll see more of you in our new online home, and I sincerely hope that Chris (my wife) and I get to meet you both in person in 2006.
Hi Terry & Liliane,

It sure is great to see you on line again! I'm sure all the Framily have missed your posts. Tom has done a great job developing this forum for all of us but especially for all that travel extensively. I have been fortunate to have a satellite connection most of this trip but now we're back on the cell phone. This is so much faster than the old way!

Hope you continue to participate as we all want to know how you are and where you are. :D

Hi Terry & Liliane,

Welcome to the new Forum.  We were glad to see your first post here.  Looking forward to hearing more about your travels.

Hi Terry and Liliane,

Great to see you here. Laurie and I are looking forward to you stopping by again on your next trip through our area. We now have 9 local winerys for you to visit 8) 8) 8).

I still have not posted the photos from our trip to Newfoundland yet, but will send you an email when I do.

Terry & Liliane,

It's good to see you here in the new forum.  I hope that we'll see you here often.

That campground near Gibralter sounds fabulous.  Did you get any picturs?  How about uploading a few for the rest of us to enjoy  :)
Hi Terry and Liliane

Glad to see you back on our new forum and looking forward to hearing about your travels in Europe.  Hopefully we will get to see more of you next year when you come back to visit us.  Ned and I will be at Happy Trails in Feb and Mar hopefully. 

Terry & Liliane:

    Welcome back.  We are sure looking forward to seeing you next year.  It's been too long since we saw you at Moab.  We are still in our Blue Bird and enjoying it.  We met the group in Quartzsite again and then moved on to visit my son in San Francisco.  Came home to Dallas after that.

    Are you still working?

'Tis so good to see your by-line! I hopefully expect to see you if you get near to Santa Fe or Albuquerque next year.

Vaya con Dios,

Hi! Great to hear from you, and to hear that you will be back across the pond in the not too distant future. We haven't had a chance to see our forum friends much lately, too much to do down here in Baja. We got a good deal on an 1100 square meter piece of waterfront property, but there was a time limit for building, and as everything here in Mexico proceeds at a leisurely pace, we seem to be always slightly behind.  ;D Once we get finished with the house, we plan to spend more time visiting while travelling south in the fall, and again while heading north in the spring.

Hi, Terry and Liliane!

We no longer own a motorhome, but we hope that our path crosses with yours again when you're visiting the States. Just because we don't have a motorhome doesn't mean we can't choose destinations based on where the framily is getting together! We enjoyed our brief visit with you at TGO a few years ago.

It's great to "see" you again!

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