Honda EU3000is space requirements.

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Jun 15, 2005
I couldn't find any space requirements in any of Honda's literature, so I gave them a call.

Honda told me that they EU3000is requires 3 feet of space on each side and that they are not meant to be enclosed at all.  How can this be considered a good RV choice of generator ???
The Honda is not a good choice for a builtin generator but for trailer use where there is no builtin unit, it's a good option.? Set it on the ground and ventilation is not a problem :)
This is for a race car hauler but I was hoping to keep it in the generator box, rather than hefting it in and out of the box. ?If I have to take it out either way, might as well take a Yamaha EF4000DE with slightly more weight, but much more power (including 240v) and costs much less.
One advantage of the Honda is they are about the quietest generators.
I have always wondered about the Hondas.  Why can't they be inclosed and mounted with a fresh air fan?  Has anyone done that?
Yamaha makes a line just as quiet - and if I was going to go with a quiet line it would be Honda.? But if I have to take the gen out and put it on the ground anyway the sound of the 4000W Yamaha on the ground will not be any worse inside my trailer than the 3000W Honda would have been enclosed.? 69db vs 57db I am fine with.? Now if I could put the Honda in a 40" X 30" X 24" generator box that would change things.
57db in my trailer vs 69db on the ground away from my trailer, probably not much difference for me.? I know db is not linear but logrithmic, but I also know a 12db increase at 57 db is not nearly as much as a 12db incrase at 90db.

60db is the sound level of a normal conversation at 5 feet, so 70db would be twice that loud.

And keep in mind that I am in a race paddock where there are plenty of noise sources of 100db at 50 feet.
I can appreciate that point.

Not many camp in the paddock and with the extra power anyone near me likely will be using the generator as well!  This is only for use at tracks that don't have shoreline power and the only ones who camp at those tracks have full blow RVs as tow vehicles which I usually do not paddock next too.  I usually have three or four friends surrounding my trailer with their own paddock spots and none of them have enclosed trailers so they will either be in mine or in a hotel.
Every 3db is a doubling in level.  A 69db sound level is 16 times as loud as a 57db sound level.  1db is about the minimum change is level discernable by the ear.  See for a good explanation.
So how is a 30A travel trailer plug used with these gensets?  I don't see any adapters available for connecting 30A TT male to a L5-30P twistlock female.

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