Honeywell FocusPRO 6000 T-stat Installation Problem

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Jan 2, 2012
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Has anyone here installed the Honeywell FocusPRO 6000, the product number is TH6320U1000, successfully in a Winni? I have a 2003 Winni Adventurer 35U with basement air/heat pump and also a gas furnace.

I'm tired of the switch problems with my Coleman t-stat.  After reading all the older forums about various t-stat brands and no longer being able to get many of them, I decided on the pro series from Honeywell.  It is supposed to handle up to 3 heat / 2 cool with or without a heat pump and aux heat like our gas furnaces.

There are only 2 selections for heat pumps with aux heat source (and also cooling).  Both suffer the same problem. The cooling works fine but in heat mode it gets a bit weird. It will start the heat pump and fan ok but when the RV gets up to temp (or I click to lower the temp setting) the system shuts off for a few seconds then comes back on again and WON'T go off even if I select OFF. I discovered that while it is stuck in this mode I can go into the main settings and select a conventional system (no aux heat source) and it immediately shuts off. Both cooling and heating work fine in all other configurations (so long as they don't have the aux heat source). I could install a separate t-stat for the gas furnace but that defeats the purpose of buying this unit.

I thought I read somewhere about a similar problem but can't locate it now.

Any suggestions welcome. I'm planning on calling Honeywell but I don't think they will help an end user with the pro line.

There have been some prior discussions on this and related topics. Use the Search button in the toolbar above and the search term 'Honeywell'
If this problem has not been solved could you send a picture of the way you have it wired.
I double checked Duners wire diagram to my Coleman T-stat and everything matched.

The wires are not pretty because I keep taking it apart. There are also two "test" wires attached so I can easily connect my DVM to the W (O/B) and W2 (Aux.E) connections.

The white wire with black stripe is connected to W (O/B) for the heat pump. In the T-stat settings it is set to energize in heat mode so it receives the 12v when heat is on.

The white wire was connected to W2 (Aux/E) during my tests. I think there is a new problem with my gas furnace as it doesn't turn on even if I connect the white wire directly to 12v. It was last used a month ago. If I ohm out the white wire to the blue common wire it shows it is shorted. I'm not connecting the white wire until I get the T-stat to work correctly first.

The blue and blue/white wires are connected together but not connected to the T-stat. I also tested it with them connected to the C connection and it made no difference.

The two gray wires are connected together and not connected to the T-stat. I also tried connecting them to the 12v red wire and it made no difference.

The yellow and orange wires are connected to Y but I also tried it with orange on Y2. It made no difference.

Black is connected to G
The purple wire is not being used (low speed fan).

Red and red/white are connected to R and RC and jumpered.

I think either I have a bad T-stat or there is some weird setting in the T-stat that I need to change.


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The Coleman-Mach T-stat doesn't use the standard labeling. They just use colors.  Here is a link to the original wiring diagram:

click here

Edit: Shortened link.


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