How do I use this thing?

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Aug 22, 2012
My son said, "dont throw it away mom, it works!"

But how?

Its a Cobra CB hand held thing that hands on my class A diesel RV.  Any ideas how to test the dern thing?
I believe that's the model with the 10 weather channels.  There should be a push button that says "weather" push it in, then you keep searching the weather channels until you hear the weather caster, I usually leave it on each channel for several seconds to give it a chance to pull in the channel.  That's the best feature. 

Channel 19 on the CB side, is the "trucker/travel" channel.  This is a channel that you can ask how the traffic is moving in a certain area ahead of you.  I usually stay off of that unless I'm sitting in traffic and wonder what the hold up is, normally there's too much profanity on there for me. 

Once you meet up with another person you want to "run" with, the both of you will decide on a channel, both tune to that channel, then you can talk to each other over the radio.  The good thing about this is, if you are the front vehicle, and there is debris in the road, you can warn the vehicle behind you. 

The radio is also the mike, so as you hold it in your hand, you press the big button on the side to talk, release it to listen. 

Once you find someone that has a radio they can show you better, but it is a good device to have.  Or next time you're in a truck stop, ask a trucker that has a little grey.  They're usually nice and will show you if they have time.  My CB is usually off, but it's nice to have it when I need it.
Don't forget to search the internet under Cobra or the model number etc. A lot of older things have the manuals online.
Good luck and safe travels!
According to a trucker friend of mine, Channel 17 is where many out west hang out these days. 
A CB is nice to have on occasion.  We don't use it as much as we used to but if there's a major traffic problem it's nice to find out what caused it.  Also, we've talked with truckers when we thought perhaps they had a problem of which they were unaware.  It can be funny too.  One day Jerry was napping so for anyone looking in it appeared I was a lone female driver.  Two nearby truckers were talking about our RV (thought it looked pretty).  As the first one passed he commented that it was driven by a lady!  Then they wondered what it would be like to be driving a big empty box like that.  It gave me my chuckle for the day.

But, do keep your CB.  It can be used in some remote areas to communicate such as needing to ask for help in an area where there's no cell service.  The main problem is to make sure you have fresh batteries in it!

By the way, a lot of us also have FRS radios to communicate when we're caravanning or four-wheeling.


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