how do you align Dish Network 500??????

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Jul 5, 2005
I am currently on a three week vacation and having more trouble than ever setting up my Dish satellite. I have just changed to the 500 which requires me to acquire both satellites. My old system just required 119 and I never had many problems setting up the system. I am using a Dish 500 mounted on a tripod and use the tuning meter to find and adjust to the satellite. I level the tripod and set the angles and skew per the book. I am having considerable difficulty getting BOTH the 110 and 119 satellite. What do you folks recommend as a process to help speed up the alignment process. THANK YOU very much.
I also have a dish 500 portable unit and it is a little more difficult to set up. The way I do it is first to put in the zip code to get the coordinates, then I set the elevation, then the azamuth and last the skew. So far this has worked for me. Make sure you have a clear view of the sky where the dish is pointed. Sometimes I can only get a 70 or 75 % signal even with a clear view.

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I agree, use zip code to obtain correct angles.  I also have another suggestion.  Dial in the 110 first.  I had the 500 at my home and this was the only way that I could get both satellites to work.  I beleive that the instructions tell you to dial in the 119 first, but this would not work for me.  Good Luck.

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