How do you stop a really bad windshield whistle?

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Steve & Linda

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Jun 19, 2012
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We have had a loud whistling from our windshield ever since we bought unit last Spring. It is such a high piercing screech that you can't have a conversation up front or listen to radio while traveling. We had maintenance done and windshield was 're-seated before last trip, however, shortly into the trip it started again. What do we need to do next?
Sounds like there is a leak there, get it resealed by a competent glass shop.
Do you have a front mounted radio antenna?  They have been known to create a lot of noise.  Take it off and go for a drive to see.
Old School: If it's not too awk, get a candle or something comparable and while underway, (on a staight, lonely hiway?) move the candle around the edge of the W'shield and find the "leak" by observing when the candle flame flickers.

Or New School: A small microphone (bluetooth wireless?)  might allow you to find the source of the noise by observing when the noise gets really loud... one advantage is there's no flame and maybe you could tape it to a long stick for access.

Of course it might not be the windshield... could be another window or the rear view mirrors or a hole in the "firewall"
Steve and Linda...

I had a similar high-pitched wind-caused noise as well, and I thought it was coming from the edge of my windshield on the passenger side (such sounds are hard to pinpoint). I checked and checked but could not find any gaps or protrusions that would cause the noise. Worse yet, it would come and go with no apparent rhyme or reason, which made it difficult to locate.

Then one day, after listening to it for hours (we began to get numb to it), my wife slid the screen on her side-window full forward and the sound was gone! Somehow, air rushing past the leading edge of the front passenger window frame was becoming disturbed enough to cause the noise. The screen is obviously on the inside of the glass but keeping it full forward while traveling has eliminated the problem.

I later checked but could find no leaks or gaps in the window seal/frame to explain it, but air was obviously whipping around the forward part of the window frame enough to cause the noise.

I hope your solution is as simple.

Use a mechanics stethescope with an open end tube (or a medical stethescope with the bell end removed) and run it around where you think the noise is. You will know when you find it as the screech in your ear will be unmistakable. You can even put a piece of tubing on the stethescope tube end to extend the end so you're not in front of the driver while searching. Something like icemaker poly tubing works well. This will pinpoint exactly where the problem is.

Once you locate exactly where the noise is coming from, then you'll have to determine the fix.

I've had an intermittent one ever since our coach was repaired after an accident. Takes the right combination of speed and wind direction, but it can really shriek sometimes!  I'm pretty sure I don't have a leak - it seems that it is air rushing over something that makes the whistle. I keep taping over things it might be to alter the air flow, but haven't found it yet.
Another source of whistles are the window weep holes.  If you don't have them there are covers that snap into the holes and will silence them.  But don't tape over them.
The whistle could be coming from the grill. That seems to be the problem with my 2002 Winnabego Suncruiser.
If it is indeed windshield whistle.. Then first find it.. A nice directional microphone with a set of headphones and a long arm, and a co-pilot can be useful here.

Now, often windshields move a bit.. I undestand one company uses a metal "J" channel at the bottom, the windshield is well locked in to that channel and generally does not move about much .. but others it's just set into the rubber gasket, may (or not) be glued in place.. It can move and pull away from the body.. When this happens. it whistles.

I wound putting straps on to restrict movement and re-sealing the places where it was open.

Lot of work, be very careful strapping it in .  Oh, and there is a safety issue with strapping it in.

In many accidents, the Fire Dept will pull the windshield out to get you out, My straps will slow them down... about 1 second.. But if you are not too banged up you can "kick" the glass away (it is not as hard as it sounds) from inside.

Alas the straps do prevent that.
I think what I would do is get a roll of 2" blue painters tape and tape off the entire edge of the windshield, all the way around outside and then drive a bit to see it it stopped the noise.

If so I would then remove a five foot section at a time, driving it each time to determine where the offending area is located.

Once the area is located I'd leave the tape on just that spot for a few more trips just to be sure.

Then I'd probably get some colored duct tape that matches the coach color and seal it good.

Or you could go back to whoever claimed to fix it before and work with them.


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