How much LP will we burn in the winter?

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Jul 23, 2006
Okay, this is a loaded question from a newbie.

Here's a little background.  My wife and I are going to be moving in to a Montana 3400RL to full time for anywhere from 12-18 months.

I know there are many variables, ie: outside temperature, thermostat temperature setting, skirting etc etc etc.

But, do any of you out there who have done the full time thing, have any idea how long 2x30 lb tanks are going to last us in the dead of winter?  I am just trying to get an estimate of what kind of money we are going to be spending to keep this 5er warm enough to live in and keep lines from freezing etc.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as we are new to this 100%.

Thank you,
Jenny Kraig
I suppose this will help too.

The unit will be parked in Gypsum Colorado.  Temps could get to zero *F
For what you are planning to do, long term living in one place, most folks arrange for a large tank to be spotted at their trailer and hooked up.  You will need to contact the RV park you will be staying at and check to see if that is ok with them.

Then you contact the local Amerigas dealer and make arrangements.

They are at

10654 HIGHWAY 6
GYPSUM, CO  81637-9643
Call 970-524-7763

have any idea how long 2x30 lb tanks are going to last us in the dead of winter?

Too many variables to guess but it is measured in days, not weeks or months. Maybe 5-10 days??? 

RV furnaces gulp propane, but nothing else in the RV uses much at all - especially if you have good shore power available and can run the water heater on electric.

Does Montana offer a cold weaher package? If so, by all means get it, even if you have to special order the trailer to get it. Be sure you have dual pane glass too.
It depends on your electric hookup. 20,30, or 50A.  With 50 you can run 2 electric heaters, the furnace, and the electric blanket.  With this combination you can expect a 30# tank to last 2-3 day at 0d or below. 3-4 days at 0d to 25d. And 4-5 days at 25d to about 40.  Leave the day-night shades up after you retire, as the sun will help warm the 5'er when it comes up.  These numbers can change also with how much sun there is during the day.

This has been our experience with 10 years of using our 5'er as a weekend winter cottage.  Ceramic disc heaters are the best, and use your electric blanket to warm up the bed.  If you have heated tanks, your furnace will need to run to keep them from freezing.  If it gets below -30d, cover the regulator, as it will freeze before the propane does.  And if that happens, it tends to get a little chilly inside. 

Good Luck
I think you can still get those portable 100lb tanks which in some places are delivered and in others you go get them.  They tend to blend in better than the big tanks.  Good luck in any case! 
Over in Grand Junction in November we use a 40 lb tank in about 4 to 5 days.

We turn the thermostat down to 55 at night and use a down comforter on the bed.
we have a 36 foot motor home with two slides to help give you a comparison.

Thank you all for the input.  These answers give me something to think about as we get closer to winter.

I like the idea of driving south for the winter.....might have to do that!

Thanks again everyone for your input.  It helps a bunch.

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