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Jan 17, 2007
western Oregon
I started out thinking I would get a USED RV but a friend insisted I look at new ones.  Well, today I found a new FX-21 QB Freedom Express by Coachman and the salesperson mentioined 'its on special', 'We can throw coupons at it to save $13000 off retail', ' If you wait, you won't be able to get the discount soon'.  I was told I can buy the mentioned RV for $49K.  Is it acceptable to make an offer below the asking price, similar to a car purchase?  If an offer is acceptable, how much can I expect to save from the list price?   
  You are dealing with a dishonest salesperson.  The longer that a vehicle sits on the lot, the more anxious the dealer is to get rid of it.  Prices on RVs go *down* as long as the vehicle sits.  If you can save $13,000 on it today, then you can save $14,000 on it tomorrow.  Of course, you are taking the chance that somebody else will pay today's asking price.  I would offer $16,000 below MSRP and settle for $15,000 below MSRP.  If you pay more than that, the dealer is just pocketing extra profit that could be in *your* pocket.
First you need to find out Coachman's MSRP for this rig (not the dealer's sticker price, which may be inflated). Ask to see it (if they dither or try to avoid, that's a bad sign). Then take at least 20% off that figure (maybe even 25%) and offer that amount and be prepared to walk away.  Even if they reject your offer today, there's a good chance they will call back tomorrow with an OK or a counter-offer.

$49k may not be too bad. A quick look around shows asking prices in the $59k-$65krange for a new 21QB. Options will vary, of course. 20% off $60k is $48k, so their price is quite possible a decent offer. But rest assured they did not give you their very lowest price as the opening offer.
Thanks I'll keep all this in mind when I buy.............. For now, and I do mean now, I'm shying away from spending that much for a boondocker. 

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