How Often Do You Check your Tire Pressures

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Jan 29, 2005
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Before we purchased the Pressure Pro system to monitor our tire pressures I would check tire pressures within a few days before departure on a trip after being parked for several days.  When actually traveling from point to point I would use the infrared thermometer to check tire temps when ever we stopped for fuel or at a rest area.  When departing after just over nighting I would just thump the tires with a tire thumper then we would stop at a rest area where I would measure the tire Temps. 

I have really enjoyed having the Pressure Pros because now we just check the 10 tire pressures via the PP panel and no longer feel the need to use a gauge to measure the tire pressures prior to departing on a trip.  Even while traveling I have checked tire pressure while Sam is driving down the highway.  Yes the tire pressure are higher after that have heated up but knowing the tires on the sunny side will have higher  pressures than the tires on the otherside one can see a trend if a tire was to begin leaking.  Even if not checked should a any tire loose pressure the PP will give an alarm and the pressure for the offending tire will be displayed.

How often do others actually check the pressure in their tires??

Do you ever visually check your tires for signs of damage or deterioration and if so how often?

What do you think would be the indications of a flat on the vehicle you are towing?

I tow a dual axle travel trailer.  I have inflation tell-tales on each tire.

I check inflation before each trip with a manual dial gauge.  I walk around checking the tell-tales every stop. 

I carry a portable, 12VDC, tankless inflator to for the trailer and the truck.  After years of buying new cheap inflating pumps, I finally got smart and bought the kind used by 4 wheeling nuts.  It cost $300+ but it actually works -- can even fill a 31x10.50x15R all terrain gumball.

I have had flats on trailers.  Unfortunately with a tandem axle set up, your only indication is some kind soul honking and waving arms at you as they pass.    However that is a lot better than a flat on a single axle trailer.  There your first warning is the trailer trying to go west while you are trying to go north.  Not a fun experience even with a truck that vastly out pulls your trailer.  (My case was a 500# utility trailer behind a 'Burb.)

How often do we check tire pressure.... Well, summertime when the Pressure Pros don't go low from cold,, Every five minutes.. When on the road,  Every five minutes,  When cold parked (IE now in Detroit) when a tire looks low on the car or before "hitting the road" with the MH (plug the PP back in and wait for it to settle down)
We have a PressurePro, but I still check the tires 2-3 times a day when traveling. I always do my final walk around, after hooking up and a tire check  is routine. I use the truckers method of hitting the center of the tread of each tire with a hammer and a  low one always gives a dead "thunk", where a good one has a nice crisp knock.

Not very frequently anymore since we have the Pressure Pro.  The tires on this rig show no tendency at all to lose air and I know the PP will alert me if there is a problem.  I check the read out on the PP every before starting out if we've been sitting awhile and do a walk around whenver we stop while traveling.  I also bought an infrared thermometer recently so I can make a quick check for hot tires.

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