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Smoky and Jim,

Same with Hercule. And he's learned a new trick(?). When he wants to go outside, which is almost constantly, he brings his leash to me in his mouth! Last week he was rummaging around an open firewood bag for the longest time. Curiosity got the best of me, so I went over to see what was of such interest. Inside the bag was a grasshopper. After a while he coaxed it out of the bag and began playing with it, pawing at it and carrying it around in his mouth. Several times the 'hopper jumped out of his range, so I would herd it back, and he would continue palying with it. Finally, and to my amazement, he tired of the game and picked it up in his mouth and deposited it, unharmed, right back at the same bag from whence it came! The following 2 days he went back to the same bag to look for his 'buddy' but, alas, he was gone - probably thought "I'm gonna git while the gittin's good." Animals are truly amazing people, aren't they? 

Some cats sure do learn quickly! :) Hercule looks a lot like Shadow. Is he part Russian Blue or similar? Hope to get to meet him on our next trip.
LOL Karl!  You and your cat need to leave the desert soon.  ;D  When is your departure date?  Your cat sure does look like a russian blue to me!
Jim and Smoky,

I got him at the Sheboygan animal shelter when he was 8 weeks old. They foster out the kittens until they're ready to be adopted, and I have no idea what breed or mix he is. After someone at QZ mentioned that he looked like a Russian Blue, I Googled it and found several pictures and description of them. He matches almost perfectly, except his eyes are maybe not as deep a green as described.  Shape, fur, color, disposition, etc. are all right on, and one even mentioned in a footnote that they will teach you how to play 'fetch' - and he DID! Now if I could just get him to put the seat back up when he's done......... ;D

Added: Leaving sometime this week after Wednesday, when the new w/d should be installed.
You talking about that attack cat that, well, attacked me in your coach at QZ? ;D
LOL Karl, my face must have been quite a sight when Hercule hopped on my lap. Others may not know that I'm extremely allergic to cats (can trigger an immediate asthma attack or, in a lesser case, trigger repeated sneezing). But you were sure quick on your feet and hurled an albuterol inhaler at me. I thought Smoky was going to drop your keyboard  ;D

As you may know both our cats have been part russian blue or something similar. Shadow loves to play with toy mice. She'll drop them at Pat's feet and then hop up in the drivers chair waiting for her to throw it. Of course she won't bring it back. Just lays there until Pat gets up and retrieves it. :)
Now that's what you call a pampered.... cat. Hercule brings it back time after time and places it right in my hand. Toy mouse, yellow plastic ball, ball of aluminum foil - it doesn't matter. Sometimes it lands in an inaccessable place, so he merely retrieves another fetch toy from some secret cache, and brings it instead. Mysteriously, the 'lost' toy will reappear a day or two later. :)

Shadow is too smart to return the toy. She just lets one of us do it. :) She, too, stashes her mice in many locations which we cannot find. All of a sudden there will be a mouse on the floor that had disappeared weeks ago.

She also took my hearing aid right after I got them. I had placed them on the shelf next to my chair so I could take a shower. When I came back, one was gone. We looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Naturally she wouldn't tell us where she hid it. Had to order a new one and we have not found it to this day. It disappeared in 2001!!!!

Have you looked in her ears? ;D Some months ago I bought a new over-the-ear unit for the cell phone. One time I went to use it only to find that Hercule had disected the coax in several places, including right where it enters the earpiece - no hope of splicing it.

We looked everywhere including places we didn't want to look. :) She sure knows how to hide things! Thought she had stolen Pat's phone the other day only to find out it was somehow placed in the microwave but that's another whole story. ;D
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