How to clean out gas lines?

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Aug 8, 2006
I have a `77 24Ft coachmen.I had the hot water heater lit but it went out and I can get it to light again.I`m not even getting gas coming out at it now.I lit the burner on the stove and tried to light the heater then and still no gas.I`m thinking there might be a clog in the line?It was working fine and now nothing.What should I do?
Probably not your gas line,  I'd almost bet you need to clean the ignitor and the shield where the gas come into the HW tank.  MOst of the time it's a cobweb or dirt there.  Yes a cobweb will stip it from performing.    Good Luck  Some of the more knowledgeable gents will join in shortly and go into detail.
Mud dawbers and spiders also like to build nests in the tubes.  Take it apart and clean it first. 

Is this an old pilot light setup?  Could be thermocouple.
I just lit it for the first time in a while the other day.It lit fine.I left it on to see how it was going to work and it went out shortly after.It didn`t even have time to heat up good.It does have the old pilot light set up.
I think it is the valve assembly.I can get gas to come out when I hold the pilot in the on position.When I try to turn the main gas on I get nothing.Does the pilot have to be lit for the main to come on?I wasn`t even getting gas out at the pilot before.Please advise as soon as you can as I`m working on it right now.Thanks.
Does the pilot have to be lit for the main to come on?

Yes. The main gas feed will not open until the pilot is lit and the flame sensor thermocouple that sits in/above the pilot flame heats up thoroughly. If the thermcouple does not heat or is defective, the gas will never come on. It's a safety feature, to make sure unbirned gas does not continue to spew out when there is no flame burning.

Sometimes you have to keep a match (better yet, a gas match) under the thermocouple for quite a while to get it to light.
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