How to Cover RV While Also Solar Charging Batteries

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Aug 13, 2009
We want to begin covering our Class A RV, however, we really need to continue to keep the batteries charged with the solar panel to protect my battery investment.  My thought here is that we could create an appropriate size cutout for the solar panel on a (yet to be purchased) RV cover, then sew in some type of clear material in its place to allow the solar panel to continue to function.  Any suggestions or recommendations???  We live in southern CA, so are not really worried so much about the rain as the sun...

The panel may get too hot if covered with a clear material and no air circulation. Since rain is not a big concern then just cut the cover open to expose the panel and not worry about a clear material patch.
Better yet, forget the cover.  My trailer spent 15 years stored in SoCal with no cover and no problems.  All you are saving with a cover is a bit of hosing down the roof to wash off dust.  Covers are more problem than solution.
Thats the same reason ours isn't covered. If I cut a hole for the panels it would be a significant one that would rip in half the 1st time the wind came up.

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