How to Delete Pictures on cell phone; Motorola V276?

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Mar 4, 2005
Hondo, TX
Howdy, Y'all.

Jack and I both have Motorola V276 cell phones. We can't figure out how to delete the pictures stored in the Media Gallery. I have read the little Motomanual. The options for deleting pictures as shown in the manual are NOT shown as a function on  the cell phone's menu!!

Will someone please help us? We are dangerously low on memory.

Jack and Liz
Jack, Liz, Smoky,

On my V265 (Hope it works the same as the V276) I turn on camera mode like I was going to take a picture. On the screen at the bottom on the left it says "back". On the right it says "capture". In the middle is the symbol for "menu". Select menu. On mine one of the options is "Delete All". If you don't want to delete all of your pictures you have to "view" each one then select menu and then delete.

Hope this helps.

You can delete any pics you took just as Don said BUT you cannot delete the pics that were preloaded by Verizon!  I talked to tech support at both Verizon and Motorola and neither could delete the preloaded pics.

Howdy, Framily.
Thank you to all that replied. I found my answer at the cell phone forums. To delete pictures that I took with the camera and stored, I pressed the Menu button, selected Media Gallery, selected the picture icon(a flower on my phone), highlighted the photo I wanted to delete. I pressed the Menu button again and got the Pictures Menu. I scrolled down the menu list to DELETE. I selected that and the photo was deleted. Unfortunately, the pre-loaded stuff can't be deleted this way. BUT if one wishes to hack into the phone's files, that is the way it can be done. I refer you to the online.


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