how to remove camper from blocks

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Jan 7, 2013
We are getting ready to buy a 27 ft camper and its on blocks cause its been sitting on blocks for 3 years...does anyone know to remove the camper from the blocks without causes serious problems to the camper. ty for your time and have a great day. You can email me at [email protected]
27 feet! (That's a big camper) Campers are usually placed/removed from the bed of a truck with camper jacks - jacks that are (usually) installed on all four corners of the base of the camper. The jacks raise and lower the camper so the truck can be backed into place to install or remove the camper. Most folks set the camper on blocks when it's not in the bed of the truck. Without those jacks, you're going to have to get creative.

A lot will depend on what is meant by "up on blocks"

If the wheels were removed and blocks placed under the axles, take 3 or 4 jacks.

One jack on the "other" side front corner (Or tong.

2nd at the other rear,  Place both jacks under either the tong or a frame rail

raise these hacks just enough to start to take a load, they are really there to keep the Trailr from tipping forward or backward.

Using one or two more jacks SLOWLY lift just enough to remove blocks and apply tires.

When finished with the first side, reverse jacks for the other side.

If the blocks are under the stablizer jack points,  Lift tong, (using tong jack (NOTE Tong jack can be one of the jacks in the above process) and remove front blocks.. Lower tong remove rear jacks, Raise tong and attach to tow vehicle, Now remove wheels and replace tires, replace wheels and you good to tow.

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