How well does awning patching material work?

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Jul 3, 2013
We just bought our first travel trailer and it is great condition.  The only thing is the awning has a small area at the junction of the hardware and the awning material that has slightly separated that looks like it is from lack of use.  I purchased some of the adhesive tape that is supposed to help aleviate and slow down the progression of the deteriation of the fabric.  Has anyone had any luck with this type of product?  Thank you. 
I tried some of that tape in October and it held for one trip.  But when I got it out of storage after 4 months, it blew off.  I think I am going to take mine to a awning shop and see if they can patch it better.  I did take a piece of 3" black plastic drain pipe, cut down the length and placed it over my awning now while it is in storage to protect it from the sun.
You could try clear nail polish, it works well keeping flags from fraying. have used it on many items and it holds up well.
Many RV stores used to have a repair kit  with glue and material  for vinyl awnings - I assume they still do.
I used one 11 years ago and it lasted for a year until I sold the motor home. Don't know how long it lasted after that.
Thanks all.  I thought I would try it and see how well it works.  My guy that works on  our campers said he thought if I did nothing I'd probably be fine fora couple of years anyway.  Glad to get the feedback.
Eternabond Roof repair tape does MAGIC.  It held my 17 year old awning together for well over 2 years and was still going strong when I coughed up money for new awning material. The old awning was stretched out badly even though the Eternabond was holding it together nicely.

I accidentally tore a hole in my new awning. I had dropped the awning down low for a storm, but I opened my door too wide and RIP, hit the new awning with sharp corner of door. Geeezus was I ready to scream.

I cut a piece of Eternabond then rounded off the corners (they recommend this for longevity).  Stuck it on there. You only have ONE chance to stick this on, so be very careful that you place it correctly.You may want to mark it first.

Go ahead and buy the 25 foot or 50 foot roll. You will find tons of uses. I have repaired the roof with it. Then my sewer hose split at an inconvenient time. I covered the hole with Eternabond. It has not leaked a drop. 

I had a big storage container with heavy screw on lid. The lid split in the middle. Cut a nice neat circle out of the Eternabond then placed it on the lid. Container is watertight and airtight again.

I drive a Class C with an upper window over the cab bunk that was chronically leaking. Ran around the entire window frame nice and neatly with Eternabond.  It looks great and that solved my leaks for good.

By the way, I used wax paper to make a template first, on some of my repairs.

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