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Feb 17, 2006
Well, after lurking around for awhile we've decided to join on. We started out in camping (after I finally got off sea duty) with a Ford F250 4X4 and a Six Pac cabover camper. Here in Northern NV there are more places to boondock than established campgrounds and that arrangement worked out well except I kept hitting my head when getting into it and fell (slipped) coming out the wet doorway a number of times. But the day one of the jacks failed while we were taking it off the truck and almost squished the little woman was the day we started looking for something better. We upgraded in 1993 to a 23' Kit Road Ranger Monterey fifth-wheel. It is perfect for us although a lot of our boondocking sites were now off limits to us. We are now going to upgrade again either to a new diesel Ford F350 and longer FW or a 23' to 26' Class C Motorhome.

This forum has a lot of knowledgeable people so we'll probably asking a bunch of questions and bothering everyone.  :)

Clear Skies all.
Hi Exiled and welcome to our friendly forum. Feel free to ask those questions and we'll try to get them answered.
Hi Exhiled,

Welcome to the forum. I know well what you mean about the jacks on slideins. I really hate to help customers load them. I'm always afraid it will topple over. Hope you enjoy your stay here and ask any questions you might have.
Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please feel free to ask any questions you have.  I am sure with the knowledge among the members here we should be able to give you some good answers.  Please join in on any of the ongoing discussions, or start new discussions relating to the RVing lifestyle.  Glad you found us.


If you are looking for a Class C, take a look at Lazy Daze:  They are probably the best made Class C MHs anywhere. 

We bought first a 22 and then a 30 footer new.  Each coach only had ONE "non critical" defect upon delivery and these two defects were easily fixed.  In one the toilet was plumbed to the hot water and in the other one of the outside compartment doors leaked when it rained.  Lazy Daze MHs are hard to find used.  Try the Los Angeles Times sunday paper.

Also check:

Welcome to RV Forum.

If you  a going to be doing a lot of boondocking, and it sounds like that, you will enjoy the conveniences of a full trailer or motorhome, especially in the matter of waste and freshwater tank capacity.

You should seriously consider solar living as you do in the Great Basin west especially with a 5W.  Couple it with multiple good quality deep-cycle batteries,  such as Lifeline AGMS, and you can keep you going for quite a while at zero fuel and noise cost.

Thanks all for the replys. I will show the info of the Lazy Daze to the wife and do some research on the solar.
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