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Feb 16, 2007
Hello RV folks, I am from South Mississippi around the Laurel area. I am a member of an ATV Club that travels from time to time around the Southeast. Some of the members are "investing" in travel trailers and now I feel out of place ???. I have always DREAMED of having a small camper myself. My girlfriend and I are planning on traveling to Commerce,Ga to a NHRA Drag Raving event. I called to get a room and all are gouging prices. Most of the $40 rooms are $140 w/ a 3 night min. :mad: .  Anyway I found out that a campground with in a few miles have plenty of openings for 20 bucks..... So I will take the "spanking" this year but my dream may become real  soon. I am looking for a good used unit so y'all will see on here asking a bunch of dumb questions but be patient with me....
Thanks, Billy
Since you're into ATVs, you'll want to look at some toy haulers, 5th wheel trailers with a garaging area for the ATVs that converts to living space when the ATVs are removed.  I'm sure some of your friends will have these.
I have a F150 4.6 V8. I would love to have a T/H but I have weight and $$$ restrictions.  Do most T/H weigh a great deal more than other bumper pulls?(is this a "toad"?)
Our towing experts will be happy to help you with selecting a trailer, but the F150 will limit you as to total weight.  Post the GVWR and GCVWR here and you'll gets some recommendations, I'm sure.  I'm not familiar with the relative weights of the toy haulers vs. travel trailers (bumper pulls).  A toad is a vehicle pulled behind a motor home, usually a small car or 4x4.
Hillbilly said:
I have a F150 4.6 V8. I would love to have a T/H but I have weight and $$$ restrictions.  Do most T/H weigh a great deal more than other bumper pulls?(is this a "toad"?)

You definitely have weight limits with a 4.6 F150.   A toy hauler can weight a great deal more than other travel trailers largely because of the machine you put in them.    Figure on the dry weight of the trailer, plus the weight of the toy(s), plus about 500 lbs of gear for the toy(s), plus about 1500 lbs of gear for you.
That will get you a round figure to work with.  Allow 10% for safety factor and 20% for towing in the west.

A toad is a automoble towed behind a motor home.
Hello HillBilly, welcome to RVForum
Yep, you'll be limited on choices alright.  I've seen a few 22'ers at the used and consignment dealers in Hattiesburg.  If you can get the ATV into your truck bed then that might be your best combination for an F150 (I hope it isn't one of those king cabs with the 3 foot beds)

Or you could go my way and pick up an older motorhome.  Slightly higher maintenance, but perfectly capable of hauling its own weight and a 4-wheeler around.

A bigger Truck would expand your options exponentially.  Buy a diesel and I can teach you how to make your own fuel ;)
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