Hybrids, are they doable?

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Sep 4, 2006
80% of my GVWR is 4,960lbs --- basically 5k for a trailer.  My wife mentioned a hybrid as an option  :-[ something I haven't even considered.  I have a couple of questions, since I don't have a camper yet, and haven't been to a campground - are hybrids prelevant in campgrounds?  How long does the canvas last, say 3-4 years?  Is it a problem when it rains and you have to store it, so is mold a major issue?  Thanks all!
Mold?  My first question would be what part of the world do you live and camp in?    I have packed many a wet tent and opened it later to dry out.  No problemos but I live in non-tropical relatively dry country. 

We have friends that have been towing hybrid for years with no problems with the cloth.  4 years should be no problem.
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