Hydraulic leveling issues with a 1997 adventurer 37

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Apr 15, 2019
Hello all,
I am brand new to the RV world. I have just picked up a 1997 Winnebago adventurer 37. It?s going to need some tlc, but not bad overall. The first issue I need to overcome is getting the slide out extended and the hydraulic leveling system leveled. I can turn the leveling system on, I can see the light indicator for which side is low... but the levers do nothing when I push them. I am assuming the pump isn?t on. Maybe a fuse? Where is the pump located on the motor home? Any light you could shed on this would be appreciated.
Welcome to the RV Forum Mike

Here a link to the owner manuals... Maybe it can give you some insight. I was going to review it but it's past my bedtime.

Hi Mike and welcome. I'm going to assume your slides and jacks are made by HWH. Winnebago places the pump and reservoir in different places on different models. Mine is under my entrance steps. Look over the Winnebago and chassis resources thread at the top of this board (lots of good info there) and download your wiring diagrams. Also you can follow the hydraulic hoses - they should lead to the pump. HWH has good troubleshooting guides on their website.
Your pump is probably be hind the front bumper. The fuses should be in the wiring near the two solenoids mounted to the pump. One solenoid is to turn the pump on for the slide, the other to turn the pump on for the jacks. As mentioned, make sure the Parking Brake is set.

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