Hydraulic leveling question

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Darrell C

New member
Jul 10, 2010
Just a quick question.  My Power Gear leveling system on my Class A has 4 jacks, and hence 4 hoses that connect into the manifold, but only three solenoids.  There is a fourth solenoid, but the schematic states that is the "dump valve".  I figured there would be one solenoid per jack / corner of the RV, but I guess not.  How can 3 solenoids manage 4 jacks?  One solenoid controls two jacks?  The control touch-pad inside has four buttons (Front, Left, Right, Rear).  That should still need four solenoids even if each button runs two jacks to avoid frame twisting.  Could someone explain this for me?  Did a search on here and via google without much success.



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Mar 21, 2009
The front jacks work off the same solenoid.  You cannot control the fronts independently of each other.  The only purpose of the front jacks is to raise the front of the coach. Side to side  leveling is controlled by the rear jacks which can be controlled independently.


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Jul 29, 2011
crestview, fl
To clarify, The fronts jacks are both hooked together on one solenoid with a bypass line of sorts connecting them together. This allows the rear jacks to control side to side and the fronts will equalize so the coach does not twist too much.
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