Hyraboost Leak

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Aug 11, 2013
Just drove 2100 miles from Florida to Durango. Noticing what I think is a leak around the hyraboost on my Workhorse. 2002 Vacationer. It?s not merely seepage. It seems to be drips in the engine compartment, and it leaves oily gunk in there which I?m cleaning up. Power steering fluid reducing slowly, but enough to notice.

Plan as of now is to use some degreaser and clean the area so I can tell exactly where the leaking is happening.

But, generally, is this a serious enough issue to need to deal with while traveling? Or can it wait until I get back to Florida?

I don?t know yet whether it is a line or whether I?ll need to replace the whole booster.


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May 30, 2018
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Depends on how much fluid you are losing and your tolerance for breakdowns on the road.
But the rebuilder of the hydroboost unit has this to say before repllacing the hydroboost unit;
Inspect ALL power steering hoses. If a leaking or soft, spongy hose is found replace all hoses. If any one hose is bad
the others are likely to also be ready to fail.
Not all hose defects can be detected from outward inspection since they usually fail from the inside out. Deteriorated
hoses produce debris which will damage all parts of the system, including the Hydro-Boost unit.

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